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Mission Statement: Williamson County Government exists to provide public services with honesty, integrity and dynamic leadership for the citizens of Williamson County. Vision Statement: Williamson County is known for its role in providing a superior quality of life for its citizens. The cohesive county government, committed to effective governance, operates as a team to guarantee continual high quality services to its citizens. The citizens of Williamson County trust their elected officials and participate fully in the governance of the County. The rich heritage and values of the County are the basis of the strong sense of community in which makes Williamson the most desirable county in which to live in the State of Texas. The county staff and leadership are highly professional and committed to maintaining an integrated sustainable community. There are sufficient physical and human resources to provide the services that the citizens need. There is maximum effort to determine citizen needs and respond to those needs appropriately, while expending the least amount of public funds in a conservative, responsible and efficient manner.

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