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Family-owned and operated, Whaley Foodservice Repairs began in 1944 as Whaley Electrical Service, providing service on major electrical equipment like printing presses, rock quarry crushers and conveyors, and automated car washes.  With acquired electrical control expertise to support these type of applications, it was easy for our technicians to troubleshoot and repair electrical restaurant equipment, which dominated the early industry landscape. As the fast food restaurant industry exploded in the 1960s, food equipment repair service became essential to maintaining a thriving business.  As demand for these services developed, Whaley Foodservice Repairs stepped up to the plate to become one of the first food service equipment repair companies of its kind in the Southeast.   Prior to the dramatic surge in demand, Whaley Foodservice Repairs had already developed expertise in service and a significant spare parts inventory by supporting the "Mom and Pop" restaurant community throughout the 1950s.  This early development propelled the company into an unchallenged leadership position as the chain restaurant boom began. By 1990, the total focus of the company shifted to accommodate the unrelenting demand for food service equipment repair.  In recognition of our total dedication to this industry, our name was revised to Whaley Foodservice Repairs.  Today, Whaley Foodservice Repairs continues to be family-owned and operated under the third-generation leadership of Wells Whaley.  With over 65 years in the food service industry, we are proud to be one of the largest independent commercial food equipment service companies in the United States. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers as we expand our operations throughout the Southeast.

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