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The server virtualization market has expanded since VMware started in the 1990s. The differences between the various vendor platforms are significant. When you're getting started, it's hard to sort through the marketing hype from the hardcore benefits. No matter what industry you're in or how large (or small) your company is, VMware offers several distinct advantages over the competition.

While VMware did not invent virtualization, we were the first to virtualize for the x86 platform in the 1990s. That would mean nothing if we had not continued to build upon and improve our initial products. Today, we are the global leader in x86 virtualization, with over 350,000 customers, including 100% of the Fortune 500. We continue to be first to market in key innovations, including vMotion live migration, Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and Storage DRS. Our secure and reliable platform has been production-proven even under the most demanding workloads and the most resource intensive business critical applications.

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