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Back in 2011 Toby Rannigan was working hard to provide for his family as a roofing salesman. He noticed things in this industry that he wanted to change and desired far more for his family and his customers. After much prayer and contemplation he and his wife Ray decided to open up their own business. So in February of 2012 Texas Vets Roofing was born. They have poured their heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into this company. For many years it was just the two of them struggling to make ends meet and they were starting to doubt their decisions. They knew in their hearts that God called them to something bigger. They had a desire to serve others, pour into people, mentor others and to give people second and third chances that they were given in life. Their goal from the beginning has always been to put God first and care for people. They demonstrate this time and time again from their customers to their employees, to their vendors and everyone they do business with. Every interaction that they have with someone is to glorify God and enrich lives. They demonstrate this with the company motto: Choose a Good Reputation Over Great Riches.

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