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Qintel solves hard cyber crime problems with innovative data and technology solutions. Our clients include some of the largest technology companies in Silicon Valley, Fortune 100 businesses and government entities, both domestic and international. We believe in understanding our client's needs before proposing solutions. Qintel has been around for more than 10 years and our low-key approach to sales and marketing, combined with a focus on customer needs, is what has made us the trusted partner of large businesses and government agencies alike. At the heart of what makes Qintel successful is our vast collection of unique and hard to get threat data. This diverse data set has almost endless uses for which we have has built proprietary technology that delivers relevant data and intelligence to our customers. Qintel products and services range the CrossLink threat intelligence platform, built as a one-stop-shop for investigators and analysts, to data feeds and intelligence used to minimize risks associated with authentication events and account creation.

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