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Since its establishment in 1939, KCHA has played a key role in providing affordable housing options for residents of the metro-politan region surrounding Seattle. Through partnerships with local communities and nonprofit organizations, KCHA delivers affordable housing and related support services such as education, job training and social services to more than 50,000 local residents who earn less than the county median income. Head-quartered in Tukwila, WA, it has 370 employees. KCHA is an independent municipal corporation established under state law, assists more than 18,000 households in the Seattle metropolitan region on a daily basis. A mission-driven organization, we administer rental housing and work closely with community stakeholders to address local priorities such as ending homelessness, improving educational outcomes for the region's low-income youth and assuring that disabled and elderly households can live with dignity. We are a high performing group and we are glad to provide creative and self-directed individuals with a variety of future opportunities. Our mission: KCHA is a national leader in providing innovative and effective housing solutions so that people and communities can prosper. Our vision is: That all residents of King County have quality affordable housing. We transform lives through housing.

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