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Irving Materials, Inc. is a building materials supplier operating throughout the midwest and the southern U.S. We produce and deliver ready mix concrete in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, southwestern Ohio, southeastern Illinois, and northern Alabama. We mine and crush aggregates throughout Indiana. This includes stone, sand and gravel. IMI produces specialty products, including Calpro high calcium lime for lawn and garden uses, animal feed supplements and athletic field marker. IMI produces aglime for the farming industry. We produce both high calcium and dolomitic aglime to balance the pH of farm fields. IMI manufactures a line of golf course and turf products. This includes turf mixes that promote the growth of quality grasses, as well as bunker and top dressing sand. IMI owns two subsidiary companies. E&B Paving is an asphalt and concrete paving contractor operating throughout the midwest. Specialties Company is a construction prepping services company, performing concrete breaking, soil stabilization, full-depth reclamation, asphalt milling, guardrail fencing, and subsurface video.

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