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What we do best is help transportation companies find and keep truck drivers, train your workforce, test their knowledge and track their results . We teach tried and true recruiting and retention techniques through seminars, webcasts, and one-on-one consulting. Beyond that, we offer pre-made and custom training and a learning management system tool with over 300 e-learning modules to build up your entire workforce from the shop floor to the corner office. * RECRUITING - Think of Impact Recruiting Center as your partner. Your advertising leads are routed to our state-of-the-art recruiting facility. All calls are quickly answered by one of our professional recruiters who will pre-qualify the applicant before transferring qualified drivers to you, so you only have to talk to qualified and interested drivers. * RETENTION - At Impact we are all about the success of your company. We know that a good driver is a valuable asset to your company. The Impact Retention Program is designed to candidly measure driver satisfaction at strategic points throughout their career at your company. Evaluating the drivers' experiences and issues not only helps lower retention risk, but we find ways to repair relationships so you keep the best drivers happy and on the road, working for your company. * E-LEARNING - Impact E-Learning does it all. We enable you to deploy professional development to your entire workforce, test them on it, and track all the results. Plus, the system is accessible from any internet capable device, so you can fit it into busy schedules without disrupting operations. BEST OF ALL - IMPACT SOLUTIONS PROVIDES ALL THESE BENEFITS WITHOUT REQUIRING A CONTRACT. WE BELIEVE IF WE AREN'T EARNING YOUR BUSINESS, WE DON'T EXPECT TO KEEP YOUR BUSINESS.

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