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Bettcher Industries is recognized throughout the world as a leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing equipment.  We’ve introduced successive designs of handheld cutting and trimming tools that are used in thousands of meat, poultry and seafood processing plants. We also manufacture products used in the foodservice, industrial and medical sectors.


Key company facts:


Founded in 1944

Headquartered in Birmingham, Ohio

An ESOP company with 300 employee-owners

Nearly 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space

ISO 9001:2015 certified 

Industries served: 

Protein processing (pork, beef, poultry, seafood)


Medical instrumentation (Exsurco Medical)


Nearly 100 active patents

Serving over 20,000 customers (domestic and international)

Global operations:

Divisions:  Bettcher Group; Gainco; Exsurco Medical

Direct offices in USA:  Birmingham, OH; Gainesville, GA

Direct office in Europe:  Bettcher GmbH (Lucerne, Switzerland)

Direct office in South America:  Bettcher do Brasil (São Paulo, Brazil)

Direct office in China:  Bettcher China (Beijing, China)

Product distribution in more than 70 countries through approved partners

Corporate officers:

Don Esch (CEO)

Tim McNeill (VP Finance & CFO)

Executive team:

Joe Cowman (VP Engineering & Global Operations)

Thomas Holm (VP Global Sales)

Sara Ann MacKinlay (GM, Exsurco Medical)

Paul Pirozzola (VP Marketing)

Ed Steele (VP Manufacturing & Quality)

Tom Tomasula (VP Human Resources)

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