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Scheduled Hours 40 Position Summary This position designs research protocols. Assists in developing and conducting research projects, including experiment design, data analysis and documentation of experiment results. As a curiosity-driven cancer biology lab, we are interested in dissecting the mechanisms of novel cancer targets with the overarching goal of improving patient outcome. Currently, a major research theme of the lab is genome integrity maintenance an important underpinning of chemotherapy efficacy with specific focus on two multi-functional proteins, i.e., actin-binding factor Profilin-1 and AAA+ ATPase p97/VCP. Both are essential proteins with well-known functions in the cytoplasm, yet play poorly understood roles in the nucleus. Our recent work (Zhu et al, Nat Commun, 2022; Zhu et al, Cell Rep, 2021 and 2020; Wang et al, Cancers, 2021; Wang et al, Front Cell Dev Biol, 2021) linked nuclear Profilin-1 and p97/VCP to fundamentally important cellular processes including DNA replication fork dynamics and stability, transcriptional control, DNA damage repair, and cell cycle checkpoint. In addition to discovering novel nuclear biology of these two proteins, our work also uncovered their clinical relevance to cancer progression and chemotherapy resistance. It is our ultimate goal to leverage mechanistic insights from such studies to unveil or create Achilles heels? of cancer cells for more effective treatments. Available Projects: 1) Define the role of nuclear profilin-1 in DNA replication fork dynamics and stress response in wild type and BRCA-mutant cells and the causal effect on PARP inhibitor efficacy. 2) Examine the therapeutic effects of nuclear profilin-1, by blocking its nuclear export, on cancer initiation, progression, metastasis, and response to chemotherapies using mouse models. 3) Define the regulatory mechanisms of p97/VCP and its Ser784 phosphorylation during normal DNA replication and stressed replication fork response to genotoxic chemotherapies. 4) Evaluate the clinical utility of pSer784-VCP as a chemo-predictive biomarker and chemo-sensitizing target. 5) Investigate the mechanistic link between autophagy and DNA damage response as mediated by p97/VCP. Job Description For more information on the lab, please visit  and Shao, Jieya, PhD - Siteman Cancer Center ( Primary Duties and Responsibilities Following instructions and discussions with the principal investigator, designs research protocols, including developing procedures for the collection, verification and management of data. Assists with grant preparation and reporting. Performs complex statistical analysis of data collected and writes interpretative reports. Verifies the correctness of the data submitted and makes recommendations based on these analyses. Documents research topics and prepares and submits papers based on research work to publications and committees for publication or presentation to peers. Solves practical problems relating to difficulties with equipment or test subjects. Suggests technical or procedural improvements in testing methods. Conducts literature searches related to research project. Performs other duties as assigned. Working Conditions This position works in a laboratory environment with potential exposure to biological and chemical hazards. The individual must be physically able to wear protective equipment and to provide standard care to research animals. Preferred Qualifications Self-motivated with a solid background in molecular and cellular biology. Knowledge and prior experience in cancer biology and genome integrity fields. Proficient with standard laboratory techniques including cell culture, fluorescence microscopy, molecular cloning, PCR, immunoprecipitation, and Western blotting. Computational skills and working experience with mouse models are strongly preferred. Analytical, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Ability to analyze and interpret statistical data and to communicate data in a clear, concise manner. Computer literacy, including the ability to use a variety of software packages to analyze data. Required Qualifications Masters degree with four years of experience in research lab operations or an equivalent combination of education and experience equaling nine years. Grade R10 Salary Range $46,100.00 - $83,600.00 / Annually The salary range reflects base salaries paid for positions in a given job grade across the University. Individual rates within the range will be determined by factors including one's qualifications and performance, equity with others in the department, market rates for positions within the same grade and department budget. Accommodation If you are unable to use our online application system and would like an accommodation, please email   or call the dedicated accommodation inquiry number at 314-935-1149 and leave a voicemail with the nature of your request. Pre-Employment Screening All external candidates receiving an offer for employment will be required to submit to pre-employment screening for this position. The screenings will include criminal background check and, as applicable for the position, other background checks, drug screen, an employment and education or licensure/certification verification, physical examination, certain vaccinations and/or governmental registry checks. All offers are contingent upon successful completion of required screening. Benefits Statement Washington University in St. Louis is committed to providing a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to our employees. Benefits eligibility is subject to employment status, full-time equivalent (FTE) workload, and weekly standard hours. Please visit our website at to view a summary of benefits. EEO/AA Statement Washington University in St. Louis is committed to the principles and practices of equal employment opportunity and especially encourages applications by those from underrepresented groups. It is the Universitys policy to provide equal opportunity and access to persons in all job titles without regard to race, ethnicity, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, protected veteran status, or genetic information. Diversity Statement Washington University is dedicated to building a diverse community of individuals who are committed to contributing to an inclusive environment fostering respect for all and welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Individuals with a commitment to these values are encouraged to apply. Applicant Instructions When you are ready to apply, creating an account only takes a minute. Your account creates a candidate home page which we will use to communicate with you and allows you to apply for jobs and view your application statuses. The first page of the application offers two Quick Apply? options. 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