Baltimore, Maryland

What You Will Do:

Mechanic Contstruction
Shift: M-F 7:00-3:30
Location: Midtown, MD

Main Function: Provide preventive maintenance and repairs to equipment. Install and test electrical circuits and equipment. Ensure adequate and safe supply of normal and emergency electrical power to all areas of the hospital and facilities.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Inspects and tests electrical lighting, signal, communication, power circuits and equipment to ensure safe and proper operation.

  • Uses test equipment safely and accurately.
  • Identifies problems and calls attention to management.

2. Isolates defects in electrical circuits, motors and equipment using testing equipment to ensure safe and proper operation.

  • Identifies and corrects defects by using proper test equipment.
  • Performs preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance.

3. Repairs and replaces faulty electrical system components, motors, fixtures and appliances to ensure safe and proper operation according to the current National Electrical Code, and other regulatory agencies.

  • Applies Electrical Code Requirements.
  • Repairs and replaces faulty system components, motors, fixtures and appliances.

4. Installs new wiring, electrical components, mounts motors, fixtures, transformers and other electrical equipment.

  • Installs electrical equipment according to current National Electrical Code.

5. Dismantles electrical equipment and machinery to replace defective parts to ensure proper operation and maintain manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Troubleshoots equipment in a timely manner.
  • Orders and replaces defective parts.
  • Ensures manufacturer’s specifications are maintained.

6. Repairs electrical circuits by replacing defective wiring and components according to the current National Electrical Code.

  • Performs repairs according to specifications.
  • Uses correct wire size and type for proper application.

7. Interprets blueprints, schematics, and diagrams for installation or repair of new or existing electrical systems.

  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints, schematics and diagrams.
  • Application of interpretations.

8. Estimates quantities of materials for repairs and installations and prepare requisitions to ensure adequate materials to complete tasks.

  • Electrical stock is maintained in an orderly manner.
  • Is able to estimate materials for a specific job.
  • Prepares purchase requisitions properly.

9. Operates equipment and performs mechanical tasks to complete repairs or installation of electrical systems.

  • Performs related tasks to gain access and completion of work.
  • Cleans up work area and equipment.

10. Conducts or oversees preventive maintenance on all electrical power systems and equipment.

  • Oversees thermo graphic surveys of switchgear and electrical panels.
  • Ensures all survey discrepancies are repaired.
  • Ensures preventive maintenance is performed on all receptacles when due.

11. Performs other related duties as assigned in order to meet the needs of the department.

  • Assists other department personnel as assigned.
  • Participates in Fire and Disaster Drills.
  • Adheres to Departmental policies and procedures.

12. Actively supports the University of Maryland Medical Center Midtown Campus’s values and exhibits excellent customer service.

  • Interacts with all patients, visitors, physicians, employees and volunteers in a manner consistent with the Customer Service guidelines.
  • Reflects the Hospital’s values of respect by being considerate of others and their needs.

13. Responsible for monitoring the hospital’s emergency and normal power sources and for testing efficiency of all emergency generators on a weekly basis.

  • Performs weekly testing of generators and documents are complete in logbook.

14. Remove snow and salt roads and walkways throughout the hospital campus as assigned.


What You Need to Be Successful:

  • Education: High School graduate or equivalent. Must hold at least a journeymen electrical certificate.
  • Experience: Minimum 5 years electrician experience or completion of an electrical apprenticeship program.
  • Skills and Abilities: Must be able to communicate effectively. Must be able to bend conduit, pull wire, read blueprints, troubleshoot circuits, install and connect motors, switches, receptacles, electric panels and lights, conduct preventive maintenance of all electrical circuits
  • Contacts: Frequent contact with Hospital personnel at all levels, patients, visitor and outside vendors on a routine basis.
  • Physical Demands: Requires lifting, carrying moderate to heavy equipment, bending and stooping.
  • Hazards: Exposure to hazards of electrical shock and burns. No contact with blood and body fluids is expected.




We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.  See Job Description

Baltimore, Maryland

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