Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Viking Electric

Sales Manager - Electrical Contractor Sales Team

Milwaukee, WI


The role of a contractor sales manager at Viking Electric is to manage the sales team and sales effort with a goal of maximizing sales and profit within the Milwaukee, Wisconsin market.


Other job duties include:

  • Build and develop the contractor sales team by hiring, training, supervising, evaluating and motivating the sales force.
  • Establishing annual and long-range market share sales, gross profit and expense targets and developing strategies to achieve those targets.
  • Work closely with other sales managers to develop and accomplish company sales goals.
  • Maintain awareness of market conditions through continuous customer contact, competitor monitoring and industry networking.
  • Monitor pricing in market area, maintain and improve margins while remaining competitive.
  • Review and approve all new account applications and assign account to appropriate salespeople.
  • Explore new products and product enhancements; monitor market changes.
  • Monitor and approve, where appropriate, work related expenses.
  • Participate in community activities and promote the business as a good corporate citizen.




Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sonepar USA is an independent family-owned company with global market leadership in the business-to-business distribution of electrical, industrial and safety products and related solutions. We are a proud member of the Sonepar Group, the world's largest privately-held electrical distributor. In the USA, we are represented by 14 locally managed electrical and industrial distributors, and have over 700 locations with coverage in all 50 states.

Sonepar USA’s core business is the distribution of electrical, safety, tools, and industrial products, as well as related solutions. With the rapid growth of technology, we provide a network of specialists who have the training and expertise to develop solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. These solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital
  • Integrated supply
  • Safety
  • Automation & control
  • Energy audits & retrofits
  • Store room & project management
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