Las Vegas, Nevada

Job Summary

Pilots aircraft to transport passengers and cargo. Acts as Second in Command of aircraft and takes over should Pilot in Command become incapacitated. When not flying, monitors all aspects of flight to ensure safety and all aircraft systems for normal operations. Communicates with Air Traffic Control using standard aviation terminology. Reviews maintenance logs, weather reports/forecasts, and Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs). Has a thorough knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), Airman Information Manual (AIM), company Flight Operations Manual (FOM), aircraft manufacturer Flight Crew Operations Manual (FCOM), Flight Crew Training Manual (FCTM), and Quick Reference Handbook (QRH). Computes Performance Data as well as Weight & Balance of the aircraft.

Work Environment, Physical Demands, and Mental Demands:

The work is performed primarily in the cockpit of a B737 aircraft, which is a small, cramped space subject to high noise levels, extreme temperatures, and low humidity. All controls, switches, and instruments are positioned for ease of use and monitoring. The First Officer may be subject to physical and mental stress caused by in-flight emergencies, flying in inclement weather, exposure to high levels of noise, or other environmental discomforts.

Work is primarily sedentary, with some walking, bending, stretching, climbing, and manipulating controls from a sitting position. Manipulating controls requires a minimum of 40 pounds arm/shoulder strength to twist a steering-wheel left and right, 100 pounds of arm/shoulder strength to push/pull a yoke from mid-arm to full extend and from mid arm to stomach contact, and 130 pounds of leg strength to push rudder pedals with legs from mid-extend to full extend. Lifting, extending and setting up to 30 pounds in a variety of arm/shoulder contortions is required. Corrected vision to 20/20 at near, mid, and far ranges, as well as full color recognition, is required. The ability to hear, correctly interpret, and speak a response to conversation, all in English, with office level background noise, is required.

A First Officer must be able to compartmentalize the stresses of their personal life so that they do not distract from the work. Even routine flight operations require a high degree of focus and concentration; the ability to recall and apply a vast amount of diverse knowledge; the ability to perform, in head without assistance, math calculations up to and including multiplication/division quickly and accurately in real time while traveling hundreds of miles per hour; the ability to remember and initiate checklists at consistent points in flight; the ability to maintain situational awareness of the aircraft's position, attitude and configuration while being bombarded by a variety of sensory clues; and the ability to evaluate alternative courses of action and pick the best one for the given situation. While typically routine, the work can be punctuated by short periods of extremely high stress due to a myriad of conditions including but not limited to mechanical failure, bad weather, low fuel state, loss of pressurization, in-flight fire, temporary loss of or marginal control, impending ground or aircraft collision, etc. During such periods, the First Officer must be able to evaluate alternatives, prioritize corrective tasks, and take appropriate actions while not succumbing to mental paralysis by fear or sensory overload in a literal "do or die" situation.

Other Responsibilities:

Safety - Amentum enforces a safety culture whereby all employees have the responsibility for continuously developing and maintaining a safe work environment. As appropriate, each employee is responsible for completing all training requirements and fulfilling all self-aid/buddy aid responsibilities, participating in emergency response tasks and serving on safety committees and teams.

Quality - Quality is the foundation for the management of our business and the keystone to our goal of customer satisfaction. It is our policy to consistently provide services that meet customer expectations. Accordingly, each employee must conform to the Amentum Quality Policy and carry out job activities in compliance with applicable Amentum Quality System documents and customer contracts. Each employee must read and understand his/her Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction responsibilities.

Procedure Compliance - Each employee must read, understand and implement the general and specific operational, safety, quality and environmental requirements of all plans, procedures and policies pertaining to his/her job.

Minimum Requirements

• Must have a US DOT/FAA First Class Medical Certificate (with EKG if more than 39 years old)
• Must have 3,000 total hours as a pilot of crew and/or general aviation (GA) aircraft, or 1,500 total hours as a pilot of high-performance, single-pilot, military aircraft. Only in-seat time logged as a pilot in fixed wing aircraft counts (specifically excludes simulator, helicopter, WSO, RIO, FE, NAV, EWO and UAV hours.) Time must be logged in accordance with FAA rules and no military conversion is allowed.
• Must have, or be able to acquire, a US DOD TS/SCI security clearance
• Must have a valid state-issued Driver's License and, a current US Passport or valid US Birth Certificate
• Must be a US citizen (no dual-citizenship)
• Must be willing to domicile in the Las Vegas, Nevada metropolitan area (no commute option)
• Must comply with all 14 CFR Part 121 requirements for pilots, including less than age sixty-five (65), and be eligible to fly for a minimum of 2 years from date of hire, making the effective age of the candidate on date of hire less than sixty-three (63)

Preferred Qualifications

• Active US DoD TS security clearance under "continuous evaluation" or with at least one (1) year until another investigation is due.

• US DOT/FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with Airplane Multi-Engine Land (AMEL) rating.
• US DOT/FAA B737 Type rating
• Currently living in the Las Vegas, Nevada metropolitan area
• Actively flying for a company with a certificated aviation program or the military
• Experience as a pilot flying category Large (or bigger), or high-performance military, aircraft
• Experience as a pilot flying aircraft with modern avionics (glass cockpit)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Amentum brings industry-best expertise, processes, and technology to ensure the availability and reliability of our Government and commercial clients’ vital facilities and equipment. We apply our culture of excellence to operate, maintain, and manage your global assets and complex supply chains to meet modern challenges at home and abroad. You get the confidence that comes from a partner with on a century-long heritage of unrelenting dedication to our clients’ missions across the DoD, civilian agencies, and the IC.

We are looking for skilled Veterans interested in continuing your career in aviation, global logistics, IT and Network support, and also unmanned systems. 

We currently have positions open nationwide and globally to include: Kuwait, Iraq, and other overseas locations!

Amentum’s skilled workforce lives with outcomes rather than just works on them. Our employees hold the most sought-after certifications in the industry, including Program Management Professional (PMP), IT/Cyber, ITIL, and Professional Scrum Master (PSM). Our teams who maintain and modify vehicles, aircraft, and weapons systems work within disciplined environments certified to AS9001D, ISO 9001:2015, AS9110B, and AS9100C standards.

Whether it’s managing facilities supporting the IC’s classified missions, operating UAVs that protect our soldiers, or maintaining military equipment at remote bases abroad, Amentum has the experience, passion, and commitment to meet your critical needs.

What happens after I apply? 

First, you will want to ensure your RecruitMilitary profile is up to date, and you also have the most up to date resume to provide. Once you apply for the role you will be re-directed to complete your employment application on Amentum's career site. Once you complete that application a recruiter will review your skills and qualifications and reach out to you about the role as appropriate. 



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