Company Overview and Values

Why work at Entegris?Lead. Inspire. Innovate. Define Your Future.Not everyone who works for a global company shares the same background, experiences and perspectives. We leverage the differences of our employees to bring new ideas to the table. Every employee throughout the company is encouraged to share input on projects and initiatives. Our decision making process is truly a collaborative effort as we realize there are leaders at every level of the organization. We put our values at the core of how we operate as an organization - not just when it's convenient, but in a lasting and meaningful way. We want the time and energy you spend here to have a positive impact on your life inside and outside of the office.

Entegris is a values-driven culture and our employees rally around our core PACE values: People Accountability

Creativity Excellence
The Role

We are currently seeking a Sr Manager, Membrane NPD (高级经理'膜新产品开发) for the Membrane R&D group within the Entegris New Market BU. This position will be based at our Hangzhou, Zhejiang site. As part of the Membrane R&D organization, a successful candidate will participate in the development of novel membranes and porous media for the life science and flat panel display industry.
In this role you will
  • Individuals in this position will be responsible or involved in developing novel porous membranes' particularly on microporous Polyethersulfone membrane for LS industry
  • Leading the sustaining process engineers and Sr membrane engineers in the execution of state-of-the-art new membrane product introductions to support the NM SLRP
  • Develop sound technical hypotheses for each project, estimate required resources, and seek the correct talent for the project, both internal and external
  • Effectively executes performance management to continually improve the talent base
  • Delivering new membrane product to the business on time, cost, and quality, at the right capacity
  • Supporting machine builds from pilot to production scale for new product innovation
  • Assessing and implementing programs to address organizational capability needs to achieve the strategic long-term plans for establish the Center of Excellence in China for NM
  • Preparing multi-year engineering budgets and investment plans including staffing, expense, control, and capital.
  • Drive projects through the stage-gate process, aligning closely with Marketing and Process Technology, for prioritization of the LS membrane business needs
  • Drive ideation, both within the R&D groups and more broadly within MC division, to grow the company's technology opportunities
  • Identify projects to take forward into the stage-gate process, whether they originate from within R&D or from within the other business functions
  • Manage workgroup group personnel and assign projects based on capabilities and skillsets to maximize output
  • Identify inventive aspects of new technology development and work with legal to capture intellectual property
  • Performing a variety of complex technology/engineering assignments for membrane or filtration products, which typically require the use of advanced and innovative techniques
  • Ensuring solid understanding of the membrane applications as well as state-of-the art technologies, tools and methods in own competence area, actively seeking and implementing initiatives to improve operations and increase customer satisfaction
  • Be comfortable of working in English setting. This involves communications and technical discussions with the Entg US team.
  • 该职位的人员将负责或参与开发新型多孔滤膜'尤其是LS行业的微孔聚醚砜膜
  • 领导工艺工程师和高级膜工程师'执行最先进的新型膜产品开发'以支持新业务部的长期发展计划
  • 有效的执行绩效管理'持续改善人才基础
  • 支持并领导从实验室设备到生产规模的机器制造'用于新型膜产品的创新
  • 评估和实施研发项目'以实现Entegris在中国建立卓越中心的战略计划
  • 按时交付新产品'并控制好适当的成本和质量
  • 为每个项目制定合理的技术路线'估算所需资源'并为项目寻找正确的内部和外部人才; 管理工作组人员'根据能力和技能分配项目'以最大限度地提高产出
  • 制定多年工程预算和投资计划'包括人员配备,费用,控制和资本。
  • 在研发团队内部和MC部门内部推动产品创新'以增加公司在生命科学的发展机会
  • 识别新技术的创新型'并与法务部门合作获取知识产权专利
  • 为膜或过滤产品的开发执行各种复杂的技术/工程任务'通常需要使用创新的技术手段
  • 确保对膜应用以及过滤领域的最新技术,工具和方法有深入了解'积极寻求和实施改进操作和提高客户满意度的举措
  • 习惯于英语的工作环境。需要和应特格美国的同事进行技术和产品的沟通交流;
Traits we believe make a strong candidate
  • PhD or Master's, in Chemical Engineering/Bio Engineering/Material Science/Polymer Engineering with 5 - 10 years of experience leading teams in technology development and project execution
  • 3 years' experience in mentoring/coaching of teams and the implementation of process improvement initiatives; Experienced in building teams and setting a strategic direction for an organization
  • Must have experience in membrane formation and separation technologies. Hands-on experience on process and membrane development is a must.
  • Have strong technical background in the LS or medical device industry
  • Must have in depth theoretical and practical understanding of phase separation mechanisms of polymeric membranes
  • Have the intrinsic capability to quickly grasp new concepts across the breadth of the LS filtration portfolio, to enable collaboration across product lines to uncover new technology ideas
  • Have a strong network in the technology as well as the business management side to tap into for quick project support or resolution of showstoppers
  • Have strong understanding of Intellectual Property frameworks and the importance of protecting enabling technologies.
  • Be an entrepreneurial problem solver who is persuasive and tenacious to bring cross-functional teams together to explore new ideas. Have an ability to look beyond the the businesses to find the common threads that can drive innovation.
  • Strong business acumen with the ability to consider technical direction with a commercial and customer focus
  • Must be able to effectively collaborate and influence without the need for direct authority.
  • Must have a sense of urgency and unwavering resolve to meet project timelines
  • Must have strong problem-solving aptitude, with a desire to conduct experiments and do "hands on" work;
  • Normal amount of traveling is required (typically requires 50% of the time in our Xindeng factory)
  • Must have good oral and written communication skills in English
  • 硕士或博士学位(化学工程'材料'高分子'生物工程等专业)'在技术开发和项目执行方面有5-10年的经验
  • 必须有3年或以上的团队领导和指导工程师的经验;在组建团队和制定组织战略方向方面经验丰富
  • 必须具有膜配方和分离技术方面的相关背景。必须具备工艺和膜开发的实际操作经验。
  • 有很强的LS或医疗器械行业的技术背景
  • 必须对高分子膜的相分离机理有深入的理论和实践理解
  • 具备在整个LS过滤产品组合内快速掌握新idea的能力'以实现跨产品线的协作'从而发现新的技术理念
  • 在技术和业务管理方面拥有强大的资源'以便快速获得项目支持或解决问题
  • 充分理解知识产权的框架和保护先进技术的重要性
  • 具有创业者精神的问题解决者'具有说服力和毅力'能够将跨职能团队聚集在一起'探索新想法。有能力超越团队本身'寻找能够推动创新的共同线索
  • 敏锐的商业头脑'能够以企业和客户为中心考虑技术方向
  • 必须有紧迫感和坚定的决心'以满足项目时间表
  • 必须有很强的解决问题的能力'有进行实验和"动手"工作的愿望
  • 定期的出差'根据实际需求'每周需要有一定的时间在应特格新登的工厂'例如50%左右
Your success will be measured by
  • Your ability to accomplish our individual and collective goals and commitments, through timely and effective execution of tasks, and collaboration with others.
  • Your ability to work well with others - acknowledge contributions, value time and opinions, and treat them.
  • Your openness, honesty, directness, and commitment. We ask this of others. We should expect this of ourselves.
  • Your independent thinking and creative approaches. We should learn from our endeavors, regardless of outcome.
Your determination to do it well, and to do it right. We should leverage our collective knowledge, experience, and skills. We are stronger as a team.


Our organization proudly supports our Nation’s active and reserve military service members, veterans, and their families. Entegris honors the extraordinary sacrifices you have made for our country and realize that through this service, you bring a unique set of values, perspectives, and experiences with you. At Entegris, we put our values - People, Accountability, Creativity and Dedication to Excellence - at the core of how we operate as an organization. We believe what we do is as important as how we do it. We want you to be part of our dynamic culture, which champions leaders at every level of the company.

More about Entegris

Through the power of our solutions and technology expertise, Entegris provides customers with innovative, science-based solutions to their toughest technology challenges.  Headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, Entegris employs approximately 5,100 people worldwide, with roughly half employed in Asia-Pacific or Europe. With research and development, customer service, analytical labs, and manufacturing in Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe, Entegris supports customers around the globe as they take technology to the next level.

We Are Hiring! 

Are you a transitioning member of the military or a military veteran who is looking for a civilian career that provides opportunities for growth and career advancement?  Entegris is currently looking for Technicians, Engineers, Supervisors, Operators and Managers.  If you are interested in a career in one of these fields, check out our current open positions to the right for more information and to apply today!

What Happens After You Apply?

Once you click ‘Apply Now’ on an Entegris job posting, you will be re-directed to fill out an application on Entegris’ career page.  In order to be considered for next steps, please complete the application on Entergis’ career page and make sure you have an updated resume uploaded to your RecruitMilitary profile.  Once Entegris reviews your resume and profile, a recruiter will reach out to provide you with more information and to schedule you for an interview.

How to Win an Interview with Entegris:

1.     Review the job description for the specific position you are applying for.

2.     Review the company website. Know their mission and values. What do they do? What are their products?

3.     Prepare a few questions to ask on your interview.

4.     Prepare to discuss your military or civilian background and how it relates to the position. 

5.     Check out our Resources tab for resume guidance, interview prep and more!

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