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Detailed Job Description:

A detailed understanding of pumps, compressors, steam turbines, gears, coupling, blowers, fans, etc. as found in oil refineries and petrochemical plants.
Thorough knowledge of rotating equipment features and mechanical details, and their proper specification and application.Examples include determination of the proper seals, bearings, lubrication systems, anti-surge controls, and governors.
Expertise on application of rotating equipment in specific process plant applications.Typical issues include materials selection, seal type, and the evaluation of pump and compressor performance curves relative to process system hydraulics.
Strong familiarity with related vendors and their products.
Ability to perform technical evaluations of vendor proposals.
Experience as the owner’s representative during performance tests in vendor shops or in the field.
Detailed understanding regarding refinery processes and operations.
Strong knowledge of related industry standards (API, ANSI, NEMA, etc.).
Experience in evaluating operating equipment in a process plant environment and working with operators and other plant personnel.
Experience preparing/ reviewing specifications based on process data.
Ability to evaluate the suitability of existing equipment for new conditions, such as during the revamp of an existing unit.
Ability to communicate and lead meetings with customers and vendors in the review of equipment specifications, bid evaluations, design calculations and vendor drawing reviews.
Good understanding of Rotating package equipment.
Assist in the review and development of related computer tools and documentation.This requires good writing skills and the ability to work with complex Excel-based spreadsheets.
Strong Coaching and Mentoring skills.
Minimum Requirements:

BE Mechanical or equivalent.
A minimum of 12 years of design oriented rotating equipment experience in the Refining, Petrochemical and Gas Processing industries.
Proficient in the use of computers for specification generation, technical evaluations, and the electronic sharing of data across geographically separated work groups.
The ability to effectively communicate with team members and other engineering personnel is essential.
Open to 10% world-wide travel, typically of short duration (generally between a few days and two weeks).
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required.

Additional Information

  • JOB ID: HRD140319
  • Category: Engineering
  • Location: One-HON-UTC-2+4F ,UTC, 2F 4F, Sushant Lok Phase I,,Sector 43,Sushant Lok Phase I,,Gurgaon,HARYANA,122022,India
  • Exempt
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