San Francisco, California

The Wayfinding and Signage Manager is responsible for: Overseeing implementation of UCSF's Signage Master Plan (inclusive of Campus and Health locations), valued at $10M over 10 years. Overseeing implementation of new and/or existing signage inventory software and managing the database of Campus and Health signage assets. Consistently applying UCSF's Signage and Wayfinding Standards in order to: Help build brand awareness and support UCSF's vision. Provide a framework for consistency in signage planning and budgeting across the University. Fulfill requirements by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other state, and federally mandated codes and regulations. Deliver a safe, supportive, and inclusive wayfinding experience across Campus and Health facilities, for all UCSF and visitor populations. Integrate donor recognition needs with overall planning and signage processes. Supporting Campus and Health Project Managers in the implementation of new code, room and wayfinding signage required for construction projects. Monitoring and maintaining the long-term integrity of UCSF's Signage and Wayfinding Standards Manual, of the Campus and Health signage program, and of collateral wayfinding tools like maps and digital applications. Leading a signage governance committee, in collaboration with Campus Planning, to manage requests for non-standard signage applications. Establishing formal partnerships with other UCSF departments that will help maintain the integrity of the signage system. Establishing and overseeing master service agreements with signage vendors, for fabrication and installation services. Creating a standardized intake process for signage requests to establish consistency in the ordering, fabrication, and installation of signage. Implementing all contracting methods required to support the maintenance of Campus and Health's signage program, in collaboration with UCSF Contracts and Procurement Departments. Maintaining and monitoring UCSF's Signage and Wayfinding budget. Securing funding for planned preventative signage maintenance activities that will help preserve the physical integrity and effectiveness of UCSF's sign system. Gathering data and generating metrics to measure the effectiveness of the signage program. Coordinating quality control efforts. Scheduling and coordinating the activities of department team members. This role requires frequent and ongoing accomplishment of signage surveys to ensure safety and correctness; frequent interaction with department managers, project managers, staff and vendors; advanced, production-level aptitude of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Bridge, AutoCad, FileMakerPro, and Excel; a comfort level with learning new applications; experience coordinating/holding meetings with all levels of an enterprise environment; experience with signage and graphic design vendors; experience compiling drawing packages for signage work; experience researching and interpreting building codes; experience tracking and maintaining large amounts of construction data; and experience tracking costs and budget allowances; attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple concurrent signage projects. Wayfinding, signage, and effective implementation are factors in patient satisfaction. In an effort to improve patient satisfaction and work towards service excellence, the Signage and Wayfinding Manager must take full ownership of the wayfinding and signage eco-system; the many tangentially related requests associated with it; perform with minimal guidance and continuously work to identify improvements.