Raleigh, North Carolina

The Opportunity

Teladoc Health is transforming how people access and experience healthcare. Recognized as the world leader in virtual care, we are partnering with over a thousand clients to serve hundreds of thousands (soon millions!) of people living with chronic conditions every day. Teladoc Health offers a whole person virtual care platform that empowers all people everywhere to live their healthiest lives by transforming the healthcare experience, from acute and primary care to chronic care, mental health, and specialty care. Our team of data scientists aggregate and interpret substantial amounts of health data and information to create actionable, personalized, and timely health signals for our members. This approach delivers better clinical and financial outcomes while creating a different and better healthcare experience for people everywhere.

The machine learning effort is part of the Data Science team at Teladoc Health. In your role as a Machine Learning Engineer, you will work closely with machine learning scientists, data engineering teams and different stakeholders to create scalable data processing, machine learning pipelines and services for Applied Health Signal platform capability that drives Teladoc Health's products and business forward. Your efforts and your team's contributions will have a big impact on leading personalized whole-person virtual care by better understanding members even better than themselves from diverse data sources.

This is an opportunity to use technical rigor to apply scalable data processing tools and machine learning algorithms to real-world business problems; and engineer, deploy, measure and iterate ML in production.
  • Design, develop, deploy, and maintain production-grade scalable data transformation, machine learning and deep learning code, pipelines, and dashboards; manage data and model versioning, training, tuning, serving, experiment and evaluation tracking dashboards
  • Design and implement appropriate data warehouses and schemas for the ETL and machine learning pipelines. Manage ETL and machine learning model lifecycle: develop, deploy, monitor, maintain, and update data and models in production
  • Use Python, SQL, Spark, Tensorflow, and PyTorch to write clean, reusable and robust code for data-engineering and machine learning pipelines. This includes data transformation, feature engineering, unsupervised learning, supervised learning and reinforcement learning
  • Implement engineering solutions for AHS outputs end to end including CI/CD, Scaling, Logging, Monitoring of Services, Modeling work, Product integration, E2E testing, and defining SLAs between microservices
  • Promote and role-model best practices of ML model development, testing, evaluation, etc. within the team and beyond
Candidate Profile
  • Self-driven individual with extensive experience in building and scaling maintainable software, data processing, feature extraction and construction and machine learning pipelines including model training, serialization, evaluation and interpretation
  • 4+ years' experience in Machine Learning Engineering roles in SaaS or consumer companies
  • A Master's degree or higher in computer science, machine learning, information systems, engineering, or a related field
  • Ability to write clean, robust and reusable code in Python, Spark and SQL. Familiarity with big data platforms (like Spark and Dask), machine learning frameworks (like Tensorflow, Keras or PyTorch) and libraries (like scikit-learn)
  • Familiarities with the cloud platform, ETL, ML pipeline and API service tools like AWS, Jenkins, Databricks, sagemaker, MLflow, Flask, Airflow or similar
  • Deep knowledge of probability, statistics, and ML algorithms. Familiarity with deep learning and reinforcement learning would be a plus
  • Experience with agile sprint processes to deliver ML work
  • Willingness to learn new ML platforms and tools, as well as propose and help teams adopt new tools.
  • Great active listening skills to infer product needs and underlying context
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with peers, and respect for member privacy
Why Join Teladoc Health?

A NewCategoryin Healthcare: Teladoc Health is transforming the healthcare experience and empowering people everywhere to live healthier lives.

Our Work Truly Matters:Recognized as the world leader in whole-person virtual care, Teladoc Health uses proprietary health signals and personalized interactions to drive better health outcomesacross the full continuum of care, at every stage in a person's health journey.

Make an Impact:In more than 175 countries and ranked Best in KLAS for Virtual Care Platforms in 2020, Teladoc Health leverages more than a decade of expertise and data-driven insights to meet the growing virtual care needs of consumers and healthcare professionals.

Focus on PEOPLE: Teladoc Health has been recognized as a top employerby numerous media and professional organizations. Talented, passionate individuals make the difference, in this fast-moving, collaborative, and inspiring environment.

Diversity and Inclusion:At Teladoc Health we believe that personal and professional diversity is the key to innovation. We hire based solely on your strengths and qualifications, and the way in which those strengths can directly contribute to your success in your new position.

Growth and Innovation: We've already made healthcare yet remain on the threshold of very big things. Come grow with us and support our mission to make a tangible difference in the lives of our Members.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we never have and never will discriminate against any job candidate or employee due to age, race, religion,color, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, membership in an employee organization,medical condition, family history, genetic information, veteran status, marital status, parental status or pregnancy (including breastfeeding - we have a mother's room in both our offices).In our innovative and inclusive workplace, we prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind.

Raleigh, North Carolina


Build the future of healthcare with us. 

Join a team working together to create some of the most innovative healthcare experiences in the world!


Teladoc Health is on a mission to empower all people everywhere to live healthier lives by transforming the healthcare experience. Recognized as the world leader in whole-person virtual care, Teladoc Health addresses the full spectrum of health and well-being — powered by human expertise, advanced technology and insights—to deliver improved clinical outcomes at scale. Serving more than 175 countries and ranked Best in KLAS for Virtual Care Platforms in 2020, Teladoc Health leverages extensive expertise and data-driven insights to meet the growing healthcare needs of consumers and healthcare professionals.


A mission that matters

Empowering people everywhere to live their healthiest lives is at the core of our business. Now that’s work you can be proud of.

Respect for diverse voices

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion helps us learn from each other, lift up our communities, and reflect the needs of the people we serve.

A culture you can thrive in

Our company is built on innovation, collaboration, compassion, inclusivity, drive—and the many personalities that make it all possible.

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