Orrville, Ohio

This role will be working at Aultman Orrville Hospital and be comprised of inpatient acute, outpatient, and transitional care swing beds. 



The Physical Therapist evaluates, plans, directs and administers a program of Physical Therapy to restore function and prevent disability from disease, illness, or injury and is competent in caring for infants, pediatrics, adults, and geriatrics.  The P.T. also assists other personnel in treatment as needed and performs other duties in the department as assigned by the Director.




 1.  Efficiently performs initial evaluations.  This includes conducting test and

      measurements of muscles, nerves, joints and skeletal system, etc., that are

      appropriate to the patients age and developmental stage.



      2.  Demonstrates creativity, skill and efficiency in the design of patient

           treatment programs, taking patients age, developmental stage and/or

           psychosocial skills into consideration.  Involves the patient and family in

           establishing the program.


      3. Establishes realistic goals, involving the patient and family when able, and

           assures these goals are being achieved or modified as needed.


      4.  Implements the treatment program and modifies it when necessary after

           assessing the effectiveness of the planned intervention for age and

           developmental stage of the patient.


      5.  Delivers patient education by using methods appropriate to the patient's

           condition, cultural needs and/or developmental stage.  Advises patient and

           family of community resources and availability of home therapy, and

           after-care services.


      6.  Establishes reasonable goals of treatment involving the patient and family

           members when able.  Verifies that goals are being achieved or modified as



      7.  Demonstrates competency in performing all modalities including thermal

           and electrical agents and traction.  Able to make recommendations and

           assist patient with obtaining splints, supports and assistive devices.


      8.  Keeps accurate and up to date records of patient evaluations, discharges

           and attendance in accordance with facility and Federal guidelines.


      9.  Delegates, supervises and instructs personnel, students and others in

           appropriate activities.  Uses good judgment in assigning activities, keeping

           in mind the personnel's skill level and knowledge base.


    10.  Pursues educational opportunities appropriate to the department's needs.


    11.  Maintains strict confidentiality of sensitive information.


    12.  Demonstrates knowledge of and compliance of Ohio Physical

          Therapy Practice Act and is knowledgeable and compliant with Federal

          Regulations including Medicare.






Must be licensed in the state of Ohio. 


Completion of annual employee requirements including Safety Test, Fire extinguisher training, and CPR.  Annual TB test required.






PURPOSE:  To identify specific functions, job requirements and work environment factors that could affect job performance.


Check all factors that are present as essential job requirements and check whether the factor is performed.


O = Occasionally = 0- 33% of the work shift or   0- 32   repetitions.

F = Frequently = 34-66% of the work shift or 32-200+ repetitions.

C = Constantly = 67-100% of the work shift or 200+ repetitions.

N = Not essential job requirement.


C         Standing

C         Walking

F          Lifting (70 pounds)

F          Carrying (70 pounds)

F          Pushing (70 pounds)

N         Climbing with (70 pounds)

C         Stooping/Bending

C           Twisting/Turning

C         Kneeling/Squatting

O         Crawling

C         Reaching Up/Reaching Forward


Additional information concerning physical requirements for the position:

Performing patient care responsibilities as required

Orrville, Ohio

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