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The Design Quality Engineer will provide leadership across the engineering organization for all quality initiatives.This individual will create and manage quality management systems and represent quality throughout the product lifecycle from definition and development, to qualification and release.


The role of the Program Team is to ensure successful project execution through项目团队的作用就是通过以下确保项目成功的执行:
  • Cross-functional project planning. 跨部门项目规划
  • Ensuring the completion of all project deliverables. 确保所有项目要件(即项目输出)的完成
  • Directing project activities to meet quality, functionality, cost, budget, and schedule objectives. 指导项目活动满足质量'功能'成本'预算及时间排程等目标
  • Acting as a focal point for project communications to functional management and the Extended Team. 像焦点一样与部门经理及扩展团队的项目交流
Program Team(PT) Member Roles and Responsibilities 项目团队(PT)成员角色与职责:
  • Works within Core Team 于核心团队中工作
  • Represents functional area with respect to product design and project management. 代表整个部门考虑产品设计和项目管理
  • Shares responsibility for team results. 对团队结果共同分担责任
  • Resolves issues. 解决问题
  • Maintain ties to functional area 跨部门保持联系
  • Keeps functional management informed. 及时知会部门经理
  • Applies function's strategies, tools, and standards. 运用部门策略'工具及标准
  • Coordinates with Extended Team 与扩展团队的协调
  • Facilitates information exchange. 推动信息交换

Your day to day

  • Be a relentless advocate for Quality and continuous improvement. 质量和持续改善的积极倡导者
  • Evangelize Hardware Software and Firmware quality assurance processes across the organization 在组织中硬件和软件的质量保证流程的传道者
  • Document and enforce policy, procedures, and standards for product development and QA产品开发和质量保证过程中记录实施方针'程序和标准
  • Provide leadership and assist with setting strategy/direction for Hardware Software and Firmware QA while driving quality improvement initiatives across the organization. 硬件和软件质量保证时提供领导力并协助设定策略/方向'同时在组织中推动质量改善方案
  • Understanding of environmental, reliability and mechanical testing. 了解环境'可靠性及机构测试
  • Implement procedures to improve product quality and increase test efficiency including new test infrastructures and automation. 按照程序改善产品质量并提高测试效率'包括新的测试搭建和自动化
  • Plan product system testing, Verification Test Matrix (VTM) strategy for assigned projects. Complete and maintain VTM. Test evaluation samples from Verification/Acceptance or other Builds. 对所负责的分配项目制作产品系统测试计划'制定验证测试矩阵策略'完成并维护验证测试矩阵'在工程验证/试产验证或其他验证的不同阶段测试评估样品
  • Manage program deliverables for Quality as per Poly's Product Lifecycle Systems Process 根据公司产品开发周期系统流程管理质量相关的项目要件'即'质量相关的项目输出
  • Manage, prioritize, and execute project management tasks while balancing both project and extended quality function needs. 平衡项目和质量扩展团队需求的同时'管理'优先排序和执行项目管理的任务
  • Meet program needs, to include required cost targets and schedule commitments for all assigned projects. 对分配的所有项目'满足项目需求'包括必需的成本目标和承诺的时间排程
  • Determine scope test requirements and plan within the framework of a program while collaborating with other functions. 与其他部门协调的同时'确定测试要求的范围并在项目的框架内计划
  • Perform reviews of product requirements and functional specification. 对产品要求和功能规格完成回顾
  • Conduct design reliability assessments, product quality assessment and execute in all phases of product life cycle including early design reliability assessments. 在产品全周期的各个阶段主导并实施设计可靠性评估'产品质量评估'包括早期设计可靠性评估
  • Participate in development and/or revision of QA procedures, policies, and guidelines to obtain certification and ensure continued compliance to ISO9001. 参与质量程序'方针和指南的开发和/或版本迭代'以便获得ISO证书和确保持续的ISO9001合规
  • Develop, implement process for gathering quality metrics. 为收集质量指标开发并实施流程
  • Execute performance audits, inspections, quality reviews and root-cause analysis and Stop Orders as necessary. 必要的实施绩效审核'检验'质量回顾'根本原因分析和停止出货
  • Contribute towards resolving supplier issues and device improvement recommendations. 助力解决供应商问题和设备改善建议
  • Drive Failure Mode Effect Analysis(FMEA), CVAA/VPAT, WEEE directive deliverables 推动失效模式影响分析'通讯视频可访问性法案/自愿产品可访问性范本'电子电器废弃物指令的质量输出
  • Participate in design reviews, Create PART evaluation plans, Review of First Article documentation and approval参与设计回顾'创建部件评估计划'首件文件及批准的回顾
  • Active Participation on Engineering Builds/Verification Builds/Acceptance Builds/Volume Shipments 积极参与工程样品制作/验证样品制作/试产样品制作/量产出货
  • Review & Approve Specifications 规格的回顾和批准
  • Review BOM and Markings 物料清单和产品标识的回顾
  • Work with cross functional teams through the entire life cycle of product development including engineering, product and marketing management, manufacturing, outsourced vendors, and contractors. 在整个产品开发的生命周期中跨部门合作'包括研发'产品和市场经理'制造'外包供应商和承包商们
  • Create the QA Risk Assessments for product releases. 产品发布时创建质量风险评估

What you bring to the team

  • Minimum of BS in Electronics, Computer Science, or related field. 电子'计算机科学或相关领域学士学位
  • 5+ Years of experience in new product development. 5年以上新品开发经验
  • Strong Knowledge of QA processes and methods. 强的质量流程和方法的知识储备
  • Audio and/or Video experience 声音和/或视频经验
  • Experience as Project Manager. 项目管理方面的经验
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills and experience collaborating across organizations. 优秀的口语'书写和演讲技巧'及跨部门合作经验
  • Strong background in project management, development and testing. 项目管理'开发和测试的强大背景
  • Experience with DOE, FMEA, D8 reports, CAPA practices and ISO requirements support and implementation. 在实验设计'失效模式影响分析'8D报告'纠正和预防措施的实践'ISO要求方面的支持和实施等方面的经验
  • Well-versed in product development lifecycle, processes, quality methodologies and able to recommend process improvements. 通晓产品开发全周期'流程'质量方法论并能够推荐流程改善
  • Experience in Communication Protocols Instant Messaging and IP telephony Video & SIP protocol. 在通讯协议及时信息和网络电话视频及软网络电话协议方面的经验
  • Experience with Conferencing Call Control and Speech Control Real Time and Non real-time communication Voicemail, e-mail, SMS在会议中电话控制/语言控制实时和非实时通讯语音信箱'电子邮件'短讯服务方面的经验
  • Strong Written and Spoken English 90% proficiency 强的书写和口语英语'90%熟练
  • Available to travel internationally (US or other countries). 可独自国际旅行(美国或其他国家)
  • Ability to adapt to new tools and systems quickly. 迅速适应新的工具和系统的能力
  • Experience with Minitab or other statistical analysis tool. 在Minitab或其他统计分析工具上的经验
  • Desired Qualifications 加分项的资格要求:
  • Proven ability to resolve customer's issues (national/global). 被证实的解决客户问题的能力(国内/全球)
  • Software/Firmware development coding experience 软件开发代码经验
  • Experience with Python or other scripting language. Python或其他编译语言方面的经验
  • Understanding of debugging software applications a plus. 对调试排除故障的软件应用的理解'为加分项
  • Strong Knowledge of Audio (wide band and narrow band) applications and specifications. 音频应用和规格(宽带/窄带)方面强大的知识储备
  • Excellent time management skills to multi-task across multiple simultaneous projects, tasks, defects, product releases. 在多个同时运行的项目'任务'缺陷和产品发布时优秀的多任务状况下的时间管理技巧
  • Proven track record with instituting continuous improvement in organizational processes. 组织流程中推动持续改善时可靠的工作业绩
Our Culture

At Poly, leadership principles aren't just something we talk about, they're something we live and breathe. We believe in creating a work environment where people feel empowered, supported, and included -where trust and transparency are built into the way we work - where creativity, curiosity, and continuous improvement are encouraged and nurtured every day.
  • C3 - Customer. Customer. Customer: Customer obsession is everyone's job. You enjoy solving customers' problems - big or small. You work closely with customers, channel partners and their teams to deliver innovative solutions.
  • Raise the Bar: You take pride in your work and know details matter. You know that shavings make a pile. You seek every opportunity to continuously improve teams, products, and processes.
  • Communicate Courageously: You speak with candor but aren't a jerk. You constructively challenge your teammates to get to the best possible outcome or decision. Once a decision is made, you fully align and stay aligned.
  • Onward and Upward: You learn from the past but focus on the future. You rapidly adapt to changes in the marketplace. You help to create solutions that move the company forward with energy, momentum, and results.
  • Own It: You know your business, your customers, and your team - inside and out. You don't sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. You act with integrity, spend money like it's your own, and put Poly first.
  • Take the Leap: Speed matters in business. You encourage and require those around you to think strategically and act decisively. Poly values calculated risk taking.
  • Ride Together: We are one team. We do what we say we'll do, we treat each other with respect, we have each other's back, and we hold each other accountable.
  • Leaders Lead: You know you are part of a larger global community and make decisions as good stewards of the earth, its resources and its people.

Our Commitment as an Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity or expression, race, age, religious creed, national origin, physical or mental disability, ancestry, color, marital status, sexual orientation, military or veteran status, status as a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, medical condition, genetic information, accessibility needs, or any other protected class or category recognized by applicable equal employment opportunity or other similar laws.

No matter where you're based, you'll experience a company that believes that teamwork and collaboration drive maximum impact, seeks well-rounded talent to focused on providing the best customer experience, and understands that this is a marathon, not a sprint. And, top of mind to us is continuously and purposefully building an inclusive culture that empowers all of our team members, across the globe, to do their best work and be the best version of themselves.


Plantronics and Polycom are now Poly. Our comprehensive set of smart endpoints for unified collaboration span personal and group communication systems, with a full range of headsets, desk and conference phones, and video collaboration solutions. Our cloud software and services provide advanced management, analytics, and insights that drive first-rate business decisions. Poly is the global communications company that powers authentic human connection and collaboration. Face to face, we sift and sort millions of verbal and non-verbal cues to glean meaning. Poly is finding new ways to inject these cues into audio and video communication to replicate the face to face experience. To build intimacy. To break walls and span distance. To nurture the simplicity and beauty of human connection. One to one, one to many, many to many. We are seeking the right talent to join us on this powerful journey to connect humans, not just things. Visit to learn more.