Davis, California

Junior Specialist (Walker Lab) Research 90% The seasoned Junior Specialist will be joining our research team assisting with the evaluation of resistance to nematodes in the wild grape species. The incumbent will be responsible for preparation, data generation and preliminary analysis of several nematode species - their identification and evaluation of population numbers and root damage. They will conduct evaluations, propagate plants, maintain nematode cultures, optimize screening procedures, and perform microscopic evaluations of various grape feeding nematodes. Some of these tests will involve screening for resistance to virus vectoring nematodes and virus detection with ELISA. The incumbent will also assist in evaluating virus symptoms and collecting data in the field pertinent to the intensity of virus infection such as: pollination success, berry development, berry and cluster weights, flower and seed numbers. The incumbent will be responsible for executing experimental plans developed in partnership with the PI and 4th year PhD student. The incumbent will be expected to analyze and interpret data they collect independently, and then, through critical thinking, propose next steps to be discussed with the PI. The incumbent will contribute significantly to the advancement and planning of projects, and creatively contribute proposals of experimental steps that result from research findings. The Junior Specialist will be actively involved in innovative research that requires them to be informed on current findings in the field. The junior specialist will be expected to participate in, and present research results at, the semi-annual meetings of the California Grape Rootstock Improvement Commission in oral and poster forms. This work will provide opportunities to contribute to research publications. With the assistance of the PI and PhD student, the junior specialist will contribute to manuscripts detailing nematode resistance in grape rootstocks. The Junior Specialist's contribution to manuscripts will be to present and analyze the results of virus assays in addition to the flowering and fruit traits of test plants. Professional Competency 5% The Junior Specialist will have opportunities to present research findings at state and/or national meetings. University Service 5% The incumbent will work closely with the PI, and they will also provide mentorship to undergraduate students, who the candidate will mentor on the collection of field and greenhouse data. To apply, visit https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/JPF04231 Copyright 2017 Jobelephant.com Inc. All rights reserved. Posted by the FREE value-added recruitment advertising agency jeid-0ec08f44a0ca6f4d8d8039ecf2db47f0