, Missouri

Operations Supervisor



The Operations Supervisor will be responsible for implementing and administering Loomis policies and
procedures as well as monitoring and controlling daily operations and assisting
with long-term operation of armored car routes and the cash vault.  The Operations Supervisor will work alongside
Management to develop, maintain, and supervise a professional employee-centered
culture, a safe and secure operation, a high level of service delivery, and
cost effective and productive operations. 
This includes operational responsibility for all route operations
(armored and ATM), vault and facility security operations as directed by the
Operations Manager/Branch Manager.



 Typical Duties / Responsibilities:


  1. Complete and maintaining scheduling/routing on daily basis

  2. Oversight and coordination of armored and ATM route, dispatch, first-line ATM
    maintenance, vault and terminal operations.

  3. Maintaining effectiveness and efficiency of route, terminal and vault operations.

  4. Safety of employees, vehicles, and facilities through training, monitoring and
    enforcement of policies and procedures

, Missouri

About Loomis

Loomis is the international leader in the cash handling services industry. Our international network covers over 400 operating locations in the US and eleven western European countries.

In the US, Loomis operates the nation’s largest integrated cash distribution network, with nearly 200 operating locations and over 8,000 Teammates. Loomis utilizes a fleet of approximately 3,000 vehicles to provide cash handling products and services to financial institutions and commercial/retail businesses. Secure armored transport, SafePoint Retail Cash Management solutions, ATM services, cash, coin and check processing, outsourced vault services are all components of the industry solutions Loomis provides.

Our history dates back over 160 years with roots in the American west. Just as the pioneers who settled the west and the Alaska frontier depended on us for secure, reliable transport, today’s business community counts on Loomis for comprehensive cash handling solutions.

With a broad range of services, nationwide coverage, and strategic application of technology, we offer opportunities to achieve greater profitability and reduce risk. Through the seamless integration of cash processing, secure transportation, technology innovation, and management, Loomis creates exceptional value for our customers.

As the specialist at creating efficient cash flow, Loomis is the industry leader at creating efficient cash flow designed to efficiently and effectively manage cash in society.

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