Baltimore, Maryland

Job Description:

A part-time Operations Technician operates various technical equipment for live and taped television shows. He/she prepares content for on-air use. Performs other related duties as required and/or assigned.

Job Responsibilities:

Operate studio robotics equipment; acquires, prepares, and transfers content for on-air use; prepares, monitors, and executes automation events for transmission; sets up audio equipment and operates audio console for live and recorded production elements and shows; performs other operational-related duties as assigned or required; and maintains a clean and orderly workspace.

Qualification Requirements:
  • Flexibility to work various days and shifts as assigned.
  • Ability to work effectively with other team members.
  • Ability to perform with accuracy while under pressure.
  • Ability to multi-task accurately.
  • Ability to follow instructions, verbal and written.
  • Practical experience working at a college-level cable or television facility for a minimum of two semesters or a commercial television station for six months or longer,
  • Experience with Master Control Operations, and/or
  • Experience with Studio Robotics Systems, Video Servers, Content Acquisition and Preparation, Audio Console Operation, and Videotape Operations.
  • 1+ years of college-level curriculum preferably in the broadcast communications or mass media program.

Baltimore, Maryland

Hearst Television is a national multi-media company with operations serving nearly three dozen U.S cities, reaching one out of every five U.S households. We deliver local and national news, weather, information, sports, and entertainment programming via every available content-delivery platform. Hearst Television is recognized as one of the media industry’s premier companies, where quality journalism and service to the community are our core values. The company and its employees have been honored with numerous awards for distinguished journalism, industry innovation, and community service. Hearst Television is a subsidiary of The Hearst Corporation. Founded in 1887, Hearst is one of the world’s most admired private media and information companies with some 200 business in more than 150 companies. 

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