Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio


Oasis Systems has an exciting opportunity for a Systems Engineer, Senior located at Wright Patterson AFB to provide support to the F-15 Division. The F-15 Division is responsible for management and professional services, engineering and technical services, and studies, analyses and evaluations to accomplish the unit’s mission to design, develop, integrate, test, produce, deploy, modernize, sustain and support U.S. and FMS F-15 fighter aircraft weapon systems and subsystems.


LOCATION: Wright-Patterson AFB
JOB STATUS: Fulltime

TRAVEL: Occasional CONUS travel may be required

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Certifications, Experience, Skills)

SECURITY CLEARANCE: DoD Secret clearance required


  • Minimum of ten (10) years of experience and a MS in engineering or a minimum of twenty (20) years of experience and an ABET-accredited bachelor’s degree in engineering. Works high-visibility or mission critical aspects of a given program and performs all functional duties independently. Oversees the efforts of less senior staff and/or is responsible for the efforts of all staff assigned to a specific job.

No certifications required



  • Possesses the advanced knowledge, experience and recognized ability to be considered an expert in their technical/professional field, possess the ability to perform tasks and oversee the efforts of junior and journeyman personnel within the technical/professional discipline. Will demonstrate advanced knowledge of their technical/professional discipline as well as possess a comprehensive understanding and ability to apply associated standards, procedures and practices in their area of expertise (Program Office, Enterprise and Staff Level Support interface).


  • The Contractor shall have knowledge of systems integration engineering in support of system definition, development, integration, verification methods, sustainment, risk MS&A, T&E, human system integration, crew stations engineering, OSS&E efforts, interoperability requirements, and airworthiness certification across a wide range of hardware and software systems, including ground-based systems.
  • The Contractor shall be system safety trained by successful completion of one of the following training class(es) or their equivalents:
    • Web-Based Interactive Safety Environment Learning Management System, on-line through Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity;
    • Systems Safety Management Course (SSM-102), offered on-site by Bastion Technologies;
    • System Safety Engineering, offered in-residence or on-site, A-P-T Research, Inc., and/or;
    • Practical System Safety, offered in-residence by the Southern California Safety Institute.



General Engineering – USAF


  • The Contractor shall support application of knowledge and experience in engineering principles, criteria, and procedures to USAF systems, subsystems, and equipment procurement activities, post-award project/program management tasks, and acquisition programs throughout their life cycles.
  • The Contractor shall apply an understanding of DoD, USAF and common engineering/scientific principles, processes and procedures to improve performance and sustainability of existing and future USAF and joint service weapon systems.
  • The Contractor shall have an understanding of applying MIL-HDBK-516B, Airworthiness Certification Criteria, to aircraft systems and subsystems.
  • The Contractor shall assist in translating user requirements into weapon system requirements, which will be used to design, develop, fabricate, test and evaluate weapon systems, subsystem and equipment for eventual fielding and deployment.
  • The Contractor shall assist with the development of requirements and technology needs into action plans and policies necessary to improve and retain world class manufacturing, operations, re-manufacturing and de-militarization/disposal of weapon system capabilities within USAF.
  •  The Contractor shall perform technical/mission analyses of existing and future operational requirements, assist in developing system concepts and perform technological/trade-off assessments of proposed designs/modifications.
  • The Contractor shall provide rapid response engineering service and support as augmentation to organic resources through in-depth problem identification, impact assessment and development of corrective actions for critical supportability problems.
  • The Contractor shall support and conduct the system safety engineering program, including mishap risk assessments, evaluate contractor safety proposals and safety analyses, evaluate safety concerns of F-15 using and support commands and assist with resolution of high priority safety issues.
  • The Contractor shall assist in translating Headquarters Air Combat Command (HQ ACC) and other user requirements into system requirements, which will be used to design, develop, fabricate, test and evaluate systems, subsystems, and equipment for deployment.
  • The Contractor shall provide support to produce or review products that include the following: technical evaluations/plans; engineering studies, reports and analyses; and acquisition strategies/plans such as: ICD; ORD/CDD; CONOPS; CPD; System Requirements Document (SRD); System Specification; RFPs; System Engineering Plan (SEP); Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP); program environment, safety, and occupational health evaluation; information support plan; Program Protection Plan (PPP); Technology Assessment/Control Plan (TA/CP); cybersecurity strategy (formally information assurance strategy); Security Classification Guide (SCG); Alternative Live Fire T&E Plan; Clinger-Cohen Act compliance; consideration of technology issues; DM strategy; chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear survivability assessments; net-centric data strategy; spectrum supportability determination; technical data rights strategy; technology readiness assessment; manufacturing readiness assessment, and; other program/technical documents as required.
  • The Contractor shall develop and collect technical data and inputs for staff summary packages and executive briefings to support coordination and signature of all associated documents for milestone approvals.
  • The Contractor shall support project team meetings, working groups, and all technical reviews, upon request, including but not limited to: SRR, PDR, CDR, TRR, TCM, TIMs, FCA, PCA, PRR, PMR, and other meetings/working groups/reviews as applicable.
  • The Contractor shall analyze equipment and software deficiencies, make recommendations for equipment and software deficiency corrections, and develop, integrate, and test equipment and software deficiency solutions.
  • The Contractor shall assist the Government in the engineering evaluation of prime weapon system/subcontractor recommendations for operational and support issues such as: evaluations of ACSNs, ECPs, CCPs, Federal Aviation Administration bulletins, modification proposals, DMS, program risk, and related documents.
  • The Contractor shall support the development and evaluation of IMP/IMS and systems engineering detail schedule engineering cost estimates.
  • The Contractor shall perform, as required, an advisory role for program source selections on all engineering-related requirements.
  • The Contractor shall support the F-15 Division in the performance of disciplined engineering activities to assure Operational Safety, Suitability, and Effectiveness (OSS&E) for all products. The Contractor shall follow the Life Cycle Systems Engineering (LCSE) and OSS&E related AFIs and all lower level supplements and related documents including applicable Operating Instructions (OI).
  • The Contractor shall assist with establishing, implementing and adhering to LCSE processes to ensure OSS&E compliance is achieved and maintained.
  •  The Contractor shall aid the USAF in reviewing and updating the OSS&E Baseline Document and shall support the USAF in the identification of OSS&E elements, progress reporting of OSS&E metrics, and interaction with other organizations to ensure continued OSS&E compliance.
  • The Contractor shall ascertain the implementation status of the SEP throughout program operations and notify the USAF of pertinent shortfalls or gaps for which corrective action may be needed.
  • The Contractor shall help support the Mechanical System Integrity (SI) Program, maintain and update the Critical Safety Item list, and monitor airworthiness certification for F-15 Division aircraft.
  • The Contractor shall participate in value stream mapping activities and Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century (AFSO21) Program Facilitation. The Contractor shall understand the AFSO21 initiative and shall be able to apply and facilitate performance improvement events and actions to ensure the use of best engineering practices.
  • The Contractor shall advise the F-15 Division on engineering determinations of acceptable substitutes when parts obsolescence occurs.
  • The Contractor shall apply an understanding of systems acquisition, system and sub-system level hardware and software integration, systems requirements analysis and allocation, computer systems architecture, and systems and subsystems T&E.

General Engineering – FMS

  • The Contractor shall have working knowledge of the ITAR and foreign disclosure processes. The Contractor shall have an understanding of the Congressional notification and RIP/RIS approval process and support the Government in working through these processes.
  • The Contractor shall understand and provide advice on USG policy and technical requirements for individual countries as it relates to the acquisition programs.
  • The Contractor shall provide FMS expertise for various FMS programs within the F-15 Division that are in varied DoD acquisition stages to include planning, execution, delivery, sustainment and program closure IAW DoD policies and guidelines.
  • The Contractor shall assist with the monitoring, reviewing, analyzing and coordinating security assistance issues concerning DoD and non-DoD agencies to ensure compliance with established
  • The Contractor shall assist with Pre-LOA (P&A) and LOA, SOO/SOW development/editing, and reviewing of proposals as assigned by the Government.
  • The Contractor shall assist with reviews of various acquisition documents, export licenses, or other documentation submitted by the prime weapon system or original equipment manufacturers for Government review; and assist with release and coordination of Government responses.
  • The Contractor shall assist with the implementation and execution of assigned LOAs IAW the AECA, Security Assistance Management Manual, DSCA Manual 5105.38-M and complete assigned projects with no or minimal assistance.
  • The Contractor shall provide technical expertise and advice to SAPMs, line managers, and functional team members across all phases of the acquisition process and insight into areas relating to technical policy and lessons learned.
  • The Contractor shall ensure requirements are identified to provide initial support for new acquisitions or modifications of weapon systems through sustainment and disposal.
  • The Contractor shall work with Government personnel, outside agencies, Contractor personnel, and others to support the program. Contractor personnel assist in preparation of technical material for internal and external briefings, presentations, documents and reports.

Systems Engineering – USAF or FMS

  • The Contractor shall review/develop/update applicable program documentation for systems integration engineering relevant requirements and issues.
  • The Contractor shall participate in and assist in the planning of systems engineering risk assessments by establishing a risk management review, coordinating action item status, and updating risk management metrics.
  • The Contractor shall support the F-15 Division’s Airworthiness Certification Working Group by supporting, developing and maintaining a comprehensive Modification Airworthiness Criteria Certification compliance package, and conducting an airworthiness risk assessment. The Contractor shall support the planning and execution of the Airworthiness Review Board Meeting in support of obtaining Military Flight Release (MFR)/Military Type Certificates (MTC). The Contractor shall produce draft documentation as requested or necessitated by programmatic constraints based on cost, schedule and performance to support the airworthiness process.
  • The Contractor shall review and perform assessments on program specific databases, and analyze Built-in Test (BIT) failure reports and compare failure reports against the BIT Interpreter Analyzer for accuracy of BIT indications.
  • The Contractor shall provide system integration guidance to the F-15 Division for the program system installation and system maintenance; review and analyze technical proposals or modifications for design feasibility and system capability; conduct performance effectiveness, cost effectiveness, cost performance, life-cycle cost, producibility, maintainability, supportability, reliability, technical and schedule risk assessments, and scheduling trade-off studies; and perform systems analyses to include, but not limited to, system design/design feasibility and state-of-the-art assessments.
  •  The Contractor shall develop an effective Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) process that assures the user’s weapon system R&M requirements are clearly defined and achieved with agreement by the F-15 Division in support of the user's requirements. The defined R&M process shall be consistent with the program acquisition, sustainment and disposal scope and strategy, and clearly evident within the IMP/IMS. The R&M process shall clearly show the application of the integrity approach to reliable and maintainable design, and the tasks of the IMP/IMS shall identify incremental R&M achievement verification at all significant program milestones.
  • The Contactor shall review the failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system and reliability standard reports, work with the Centralized Asset Management System database to check failure reporting from the field, and handle all Deficiency Reports (DRs) assuring proper classification and adequate detail to resolve.
  • The Contractor shall assist in reviewing the overall system design baseline (architecture and interoperability requirements).
  • The Contractor shall review and analyze technical proposals or modifications for design feasibility and system compatibility.
  • The Contractor shall assist with developmental planning support in evaluation of the military mission to be accomplished and any related requirements documentation.
  • The Contractor shall apply a full range of system safety philosophy, policies, and procedures to perform a wide range of acquisition management activities in support of the existing and future F-15 Division programs. The Contractor shall have a working knowledge of MIL-STD-882E.
  • The Contractor shall accomplish system safety engineering tasks to include risk assessments necessary to support management operations functions within the F-15 Division.
    •  The Contractor shall support the system safety program for the assigned program(s) to ensure all systems procured are safe to operate and maintain. The tasks include:
    • Reviewing and assisting with the development of system safety program plans and hazard analyses;
    • Performing risk assessments;
    • Evaluating weapon system contractor safety proposals;
    • Evaluating safety concerns/issues of using and support commands, and;
    • Assisting with the resolution of safety issues/risks IAW MIL-STD-882 System Safety Program Requirements, AFI 91-202, The USAF Mishap Prevention Program, and applicable AFMC supplements.
  • The Contractor shall ensure that risks are mitigated IAW the order of precedence defined in MIL-STD-882E, Paragraph 4.3.4.
  • The Contractor shall establish or use existing hazard tracking logs to track each hazard to closure, meaning until the last aircraft or document is modified/changed.
  • The Contractor shall be responsible for organizing, generating and presenting the briefing charts, agenda, and minutes for the program’s annual System Safety Group Meeting, and co-chairing the meeting with the USAF chief engineer and the program's prime weapon system contractor representative.
  • The Contractor shall maintain a file of all current mishap risk assessments and annually submit risk acceptance packages for risks with a “high” or “serious” risk designation to the appropriate organization.
  • The Contractor shall support mishap investigations as required, and shall respond to the findings and recommendations in the mishap reports. The task includes working with various disciplines including, but not limited to, engineering and program management) to develop solutions to the findings and recommendations and reporting them through the appropriate channels to the USAF Safety Center.
  • The Contractor shall participate in System Safety Working Group Meetings as needed to address and work to resolve specific system safety issues.
  • The Contractor shall support requests for deviations, waivers, and Configuration Control Board (CCB) meetings to ensure the safety of the aircraft systems and subsystems are not jeopardized by these actions.
  • The Contractor shall support all technical reviews and various program reviews for system safety, to identify and resolve any safety issues/concerns or transfer them over to the hazard database/log for resolution.
  • The Contractor shall participate in conferences and crisis management team meetings. The Contractor shall be responsible for keeping the crisis management team roster current.
  • The Contractor shall evaluate all ECPs, CCPs, TO modifications, T-2 (temporary) modifications, prime weapon system/subcontractor proposals and hazard analyses, safety escape issues, airworthiness documentation, and weapons SI program documentation.
  • The Contractor shall identify all safety non-compliances in regards to airworthiness and OSS&E. The Contractor shall update all program safety recommendations in the USAF Safety Automated System every six (6) months, in support of the Mishap Review Panel.


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Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

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