Dayton, Ohio


Oasis Systems has an exciting opportunity for a Logistics Manager, SME (F15 FMS Qatar) located at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH. The Senior Logistics Manager will provide support the coordination of all logistics elements (including but not limited to spares, SE, training, facilities, technical data, and provisioning) to ensure all integrated logistics support requirements for the program are identified and tailored to the F-15 Division's needs. Assigned personnel shall perform as key participant(s) in developing long term weapon system supportability approaches that further Government acquisition strategy goals and objectives.

The F-15 Division is responsible for management and professional services, engineering and technical services, and studies, analyses and evaluations to accomplish the unit’s mission to design, develop, integrate, test, produce, deploy, modernize, sustain and support U.S. and FMS F-15 fighter aircraft weapon systems and subsystems.


LOCATION:Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH

JOB STATUS: Fulltime

TRAVEL: Occasional CONUS travel may be required

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Certifications, Experience, Skills)

SECURITY CLEARANCE: DoD Secret clearance required


  • Advanced Degree (Master of Arts (MA)/Master of Science (MS)) and 12 years of experience in the respective technical/professional discipline being performed, 5 years of which must be in the DoD.
  • OR, BA/BS degree, and 15 years of experience in the respective technical/professional discipline being performed, 5 of which must be in the DoD.
  • OR, 20 years of directly related experience with proper certifications as described in the Functionally Aligned Job Descriptions, 8 of which must be in the DoD.

CERTIFICATIONS: No certifications required



  • Possesses the advanced knowledge, experience and recognized ability to be considered an expert in their technical/professional field, possess the ability to perform tasks and oversee the efforts of junior and journeyman personnel within the technical/professional discipline. Will demonstrate advanced knowledge of their technical/professional discipline as well as possess a comprehensive understanding and ability to apply associated standards, procedures and practices in their area of expertise (Program Office, Enterprise and Staff Level Support interface).


  • The Contractor shall have a minimum of ten (10) years of USAF fighter aircraft maintenance experience, preferably on the F-15.
  • The Contractor shall have a minimum of ten (10) years of experience working with international partners supporting the requirements of partner foreign governments through FMS programs.



Logistics Manager – USAF or FMS

  • The Contractor shall have a general understanding of current DoD and AF-specific acquisition regulations, guidelines, and processes.
  • The Contractor shall apply knowledge and experience in acquisition logistics philosophy, policies and procedures to USAF systems, subsystems, and equipment procurement activities, post award project/program management tasks, and acquisition programs throughout their life cycles.
  • The Contractor shall support the coordination of all logistics elements (including but not limited to spares, SE, training, facilities, technical data, and provisioning) to ensure all integrated logistics support requirements for the program are identified and tailored to the F-15 Division's needs. Assigned personnel shall perform as key participant(s) in developing long term weapon system supportability approaches that further Government acquisition strategy goals and objectives.
  • The Contractor shall obtain required logistics resources and participate in site surveys.
  • The Contractor shall perform analyses of sustainment or related Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) issues and recommend suitable replacements. The Contractor shall have a thorough knowledge of the AFMC depot Source of Repair Assignment (SORA) process and use of the related database templates, coordination cycle with the AFLCMC assignment, and participation in the business case analysis supporting documents.
  •  The Contractor shall identify and support SORA requirements and actions.
  • The Contractor shall compile, and work to completion, the depot maintenance interservice study.
  • The Contractor shall provide support to accomplish the generation and review of logistics support documentation that includes, but not limited to, Integrated Logistics Support Plans, LCSPs, Technical Orders (TOs), Country Standard TOs, Technical Manuals (TMs), Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMs), Illustrated Parts Breakdowns (IPBs), and work specifications to ensure the documentation meets Government logistics support requirements.
  • The Contractor shall participate in integrated logistics support management team meetings, Program Management Reviews (PMRs), and other related meetings.
  • The Contractor shall assist the Government in performing the following Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) tasks:
    • Provide support utilizing the Parts and Repair Ordering System and the Federal Logistics Data system;
    • Provide support with the Defense Transportation System, the Supply Discrepancy Report, and Quality Deficiency Report processes;
    • Support all logistics tasks and requirements in direct support of the OFP series and other assigned F-15 programs ensuring all logistics support aspects of the program are identified (e.g., spares/SE requirements, provisioning, spares ordering, modifications, technical data, repairs and facilities infrastructure requirements), and;
    • Provide FMS support with development of the transportation plan and utilizing Air Force Security Assistance and Cooperation (AFSAC) On-Line.
  •  The Contractor shall apply logistics knowledge to perform various tasks related to the planning, development, implementation and management of a comprehensive, affordable and effective systems support strategy while addressing the following product support elements:
    • Sustaining/System Engineering;
    • Design Interface;
    • Supply Support;
    • Maintenance Planning and Management;
    • SE/Automatic Test Systems;
    • Facilities;
    • Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation;
    • Technical Data Management (DM)/TOs;
    • Manpower and Personnel;
    • Training;
    • Computer Resources, and;
    • Protection of Critical Program Information (CPI).
  • The Contractor shall work on logistics and maintainability programs and with logistics and maintenance control organizations on issues such as:
    • Technical evaluation and identification of weapon systems logistics requirements and resources;
    • Implementation of logistics support and maintainability programs or plans;
    • Systems acquisition requirements analysis;
    • Budgetary or financial analysis and control;
    • Life-cycle cost analysis and control;
    • Automated Information Systems hardware and software standardization and compatibility;
    • Product Support/Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Cost (RAM-C) program T&E planning and execution, and;
    • Product Support/RAM-C analysis and assessments in supportability planning, Long Range Development Plan, and Plant Clearance Automated Reutilization Screening System.
  • The Contractor shall collect, compile, analyze, investigate, research, and/or apply logistics, maintenance, acquisition or financial data and information.
  • The Contractor shall develop, modify, prepare and/or validate documentation in relation to automated logistics or maintenance data reporting systems, and management information systems.
  • The Contractor shall assist with technical analyses, planning and execution and assist the Government in review of technical specifications and documentation in support of reliability, maintainability, quality, supportability, and interoperability efforts to facilitate and update sustainment issues identified as related to the LCSP and the integrated support plan.
  • The Contractor shall analyze required Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)/ Government Furnished Property (GFP), SE, life support, and demilitarization requirements.
  • The Contractor shall analyze and compare Government and prime weapon system contractor GFE/GFP plans and schedules with program status to recommend those actions required to comply with plans, identify changes to plans, and recommend corrective actions to resolve problem areas.
  • The Contractor shall apply knowledge of GFE/GFP purchasing to determine cost, develop budgets, process purchasing documentation and resolve issues to ensure adequate asset availability.
  • The Contractor shall manage reliability-centered maintenance analysis.
  • The Contractor shall manage provisioning planning and implementation.
  • The Contractor shall manage life cycle logistics planning to include end of program requirements and life cycle cost development.
  • The Contractor shall support tasks related to kit development and kit proofing and coordinate actions necessary to resolve kit support issues.
  • The Contractor shall provide daily support to AFLCMC/WWQ at WPAFB, RAFB, and other Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside Continental United States (OCONUS) depot modification efforts as assigned, including, but not limited to, local manufacture, first article test and quality verification support.
  • The Contractor shall support Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO), TO, Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) Form 82, TCTO Verification Certificate, AFMC Form 918, Non-Provisioning Supply Item Support, and AFMC Form 873, Time Compliance Technical Order Requirements activities.
  • The Contractor shall support depot working groups, PMRs, Integrated PMRs, Technical Interface Meetings (TIMs), and regular depot planning meetings.
  • The Contractor shall provide analyses of configuration, deliveries and deficiencies as well as analyze and assist with the integration of training system requirements into production program plans and documentation.
  • The Contractor shall maintain data files for all depot and modification aircraft from cradle to grave. The Contractor shall identify and provide recommendations and/or solutions regarding candidate opportunities to reduce weapons system Air Force Total Ownership Costs (AFTOC). The Contractor shall support scheduled and unscheduled depot maintenance and modification tasks and weapons system sustainment activities. The Contractor shall gather and organize required data to support Government in-depth technical evaluations and provide recommendations for depot-level maintenance and modification requirements.
  • The Contractor shall accomplish Technical DM. The Contractor shall conduct analyses, write reports, recommend actions, or perform any related tasks that provide logisticians the capability to acquire, store and manage in a timely, efficient, cost-affordable manner, the recorded information needed to translate system and equipment design requirements into discrete engineering and logistics considerations, and manage a TO/technical data library.
  • The Contractor shall access/maintain Government electronic technical systems. These include, but are not limited to, Integrated Electronic Technical Management System and Joint Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support system.
  • The Contractor shall prepare engineering DM plans, TO verification plans, and TO management plans. The Contractor shall assist the USG in identifying engineering data requirements and data rights claims in support of the F-15 weapon system.
  • The Contractor shall arrange and support engineering data/TO/commercial manual guidance conferences and in-process reviews. The Contractor shall review, track, and monitor verification and delivery of engineering/technical data and identify requirements for manuals to include military use of commercial maintenance, repair, service, overhaul, and flight manuals, and arrange for printing and distribution of TOs/data and updates.
  • The Contractor shall identify, review and analyze deficiencies and Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs) IAW the F-15 weapons system and associated contracts. The Contractor shall review and analyze deficiency reports and assist in conducting root cause analysis of the supply chain in order to identify any problems and areas for improvement. The Contractor shall review recommended tech order changes (AFTO Form 22, Engineering Dispositions), identify potential impacts to the supply chain and provide inputs to integrated logistics support managers, program and fleet managers. The Contractor shall support the tracking and monitoring of TCTOs or the commercial equivalent.
  • The Contractor shall provide support to the sustainment teams through data analysis, acquisition management, procurement and other associated logistics data of critical assets, insurance spares, tooling and related parts and material. The Contractor shall provide support to the development and maintenance of Post Production Support Plans, Post Production Transition Plans (PPTP) and Transition to Post Production (TPP). The Contractor shall support the development and execution of requirements in phased strategies for PPTP and TPP.
  • The Contractor shall support material efforts regarding damage scenarios, recovery, rebuild and depot maintenance, production shutdown, risk mitigation, part configurations, and production asset disposition.
  • The Contractor shall resolve DMSMS issues, research parts availability, establish System Integrity (SI) parts supply priority, and resolve mission impaired capability awaiting parts situations. The Contractor shall identify parts’ cost, lead-times and sources of repair or manufacture. Contractor parts support personnel shall be able to forecast supply support requirements and interface with the Defense Logistics Agency to coordinate, track and monitor supply status. The Contractor shall use its logistics expertise and USAF supply chain knowledge to provide complete logistics support in all aspects of supply system support including accessing applicable systems such as DoD Electronic Mall, D200 Requirements Data Bank and D043 Master Item Inventory Control System.
  • The Contractor shall ensure that supply systems are supported and procedures are followed per USAF guidance. The Contractor shall capture and record all pertinent supply data. Any Contractor support working at salvage locations, as directed and approved by the USG through the EPASS CO, shall conduct and participate in supply studies, data collection, parts verification, supportability analysis and parts or maintenance reviews.
  • The Contractor shall participate in process improvement activities and meetings, to include IPT meetings, stand-up meetings, logistics reviews, PMRs and other meetings in support of workload requirements. The Contractor shall assist the program office by preparing, and coordinating program management agreements, service level agreements, MOA/MOU, SOO/SOW, electronic staff summary sheets, and other program documents or directives as assigned.
  • The Contractor shall support special projects including but not limited to Supportability Operations Review Teams (SORT) and Executive Steering Groups (ESG). The Contractor shall schedule and attend preparatory events (including action item reviews and murder boards) prior to SORT and ESG conferences, update/coordinate SORT charter, and monitor and track action items generated from various forums. The Contractor shall setup, coordinate, and facilitate meetings, video teleconferences and conferences as assigned.
  • The Contractor shall provide technical, analytical, and sustainment support for depot activation. The Contractor shall be knowledgeable in software development and depot avionics testing and repair. The Contractor shall use program management tools in order to manage the transitioning workloads impacting LSA, peculiar SE acquisition, engineering assessments and technical data validation. The Contractor shall track and maintain the depot activation IMS.
  • The Contractor shall accomplish SORA process changes as directed by core activation requirements. The Contractor shall have knowledge of the SORA Process and the broad range of factors that impact source of repair decisions in support of the USG.
  •  The Contractor shall review the LSA documentation for recommended changes to source maintenance recoverability codes from depot to field level or from field to depot level of repair. The Contractor shall take into consideration the availability of adequate technical documentation, SE, and skills required to accomplish the repair at the requested level. The Contractor’s results shall be reported directly to the Government and documented in the monthly status reports.

Logistics Manager – FMS SME (Qatar)

  • The Contractor will assist USG personnel evaluating the prime weapon system contractor’s management, quality assurance, safety, and training programs ensuring that all maintenance performed by the prime weapon system contractor is documented IAW AFI 21-101, Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management, USG directives, applicable technical order/data, instruction, checklists, job guides and other requirements identified in the contract.
  • The Contractor will advise the USG CORs and other team members on the prime weapon system contractor’s ability to meet all contractual requirements.
  • he Contractor shall support complex USG and FMS life-cycle tasks coordinating and managing simultaneous contracts and funding from multiple LOAs/sources. The Contractor shall assist with the development of project cost estimates and have knowledge of the system engineering process, project Configuration Manager (CM) requirements and all product support elements.
  • The Contractor may work with and coordinate as necessary to resolve issues with outside offices including, but not limited to, SAF/IA, SAF/AQ, Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), Technical Control Program (TCP), Item Manager (IM), Program Manager (PM)s, engineering personnel, test organizations, engine program office, and AFSAC.
  • The Contractor shall support translation of international partner requirements into achievable life-cycle support requirements.
  • The Contractor will assist in developing requirements for F-15 hardware and software including new acquisitions and upgrades to existing systems and subsystems.
  • The Contractor shall use technical expertise to assist USG personnel in their efforts to integrate, communicate, coordinate, organize, and plan for technical and sustainment efforts across multiple USAF and international partner F-15 activities.
  • The Contractor shall support all activities revolving around F-15QA avionics and weapons capabilities; weapon(s) integration; aircraft operations and employment; OFP requirements development; aircraft mission and support equipment; authorized aircraft configurations and capabilities; aircraft subsystems; and systems integration.


Office Automation Tool Proficiency
The Contractor shall independently demonstrate proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Skype/Lync, and MS Teams), Adobe Acrobat, and applications for access to the World Wide Web including MS Internet Explorer. The Contractor may be required to learn to use other commercial or specialized computer applications as specified in this PWS.


The Contractor appearance and presentation shall be professional at all times to preserve United States Government (USG) relationships.
The Contractor shall establish and maintain a positive working relationship and create an atmosphere of partnership with DoD and USAF personnel, all FMS customers, the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), and other implementing agencies, such as the Deputy Undersecretary of the Air Force for International Affairs (SAF/IA) and the U.S. embassies located with FMS partners, the prime weapon system contractor, subcontractors and associated contractors.


Records Management
The Contractor shall handle all official records IAW AFI 33-322, AFI 33-364, and AFMAN 33-363.



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Dayton, Ohio

Oasis is a fast growing provider of Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS). We are strategically positioned to support Federal Government Agencies across the USA. Oasis provides a wide array of capabilities to our customers, including but not limited to: Acquisition Program Management Systems Engineering Information Assurance / Cyber Security Network Operations and Systems Management Software Development and Management Test and Evaluation Software Engineering Logistics Our growth is a result of competing, winning and executing programs as a prime contractor with a passionate commitment to customer success. We perform over 90% of our business as a Prime Contractor with an experienced management team, DCAA approved financial systems, and the highest possible ratings from Dun & Bradstreet. Oasis has a proven unparalleled track record of transition, management and performance capabilities.

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