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The Vice President, IT Security establishes information security strategy for the organization and directs the implementation and monitoring of information security standards and policies. The Vice President, IT Security provides information security guidance to executive leadership within the organization by recommending appropriate information security investments and practices. The Vice President, IT Security is responsible for managing risks relating to information security, physical security, business continuity planning, crisis management, privacy, and compliance.


• Defines enterprise security and risk policy and oversees the development of technology architecture to support this policy
• Coordinates with stakeholders to align enterprise security and risk strategies with business priorities
• Monitors regulatory compliance with enterprise security policies and educates business unit leaders and service managers on compliance efforts
• Leads an experienced enterprise team that provides global coordination and oversight of divisional and business unit Information Risk Management processes and strategies
• Oversees development of an information security awareness program with customized communication tools and campaigns for each business unit and integrated services group
• Coordinates business continuity planning efforts across business units
• Makes balanced risk investments by understanding the trade-off required to manage different levels of risk tolerance and risk exposure across the organization
• Keeps abreast with evolving threats/risks, industry trends and works to implement best practices in the organization
• Ensures the provision of services and capabilities for the protection of organization assets globally
• Develops mechanisms to proactively sense adoption and usage patterns of consumer technologies by end users to create customer-centric security policies
• Coordinates audit and regulatory inquiries and external vendor activities to help represent the company from an information security, recovery and technology risk perspective
• Participates in leading industry forums and consortiums to represent business interests
• Oversees security-related vendor relationships, product selection, and negotiation of high-level contracts to provide services and capabilities for the protection of organization assets globally


● Over eight years of professional experience in running an information security function, including analyzing and applying information security risk, risk management, and privacy practices
● Over ten years of experience working with national and international regulatory compliance frameworks such as ISO, SOX, BASEL II, EU DPD, HIPAA, and PCI DSS
● Extensive experience in strategic planning, budgeting, and allocation

• Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, management information systems, business administration, or related discipline

Position Requirements
• An ability to motivate and manage a team of information security staff supporting the organization’s goals and an ability to lead the process of developing an information security vision for the future
• An ability to cultivate and build collaborative working relationships with a broad range of enterprise stakeholders
• A well-developed understanding of and appreciation for business needs and a commitment to leading the information security team in delivering high-quality, prompt, and efficient service to the business
• A well-developed understanding of and appreciation for organizational mission, values, and goals and consistent application of this knowledge
• Strong decision-making capabilities, with a proven ability to weigh the relative costs and benefits of potential actions and identify the most appropriate one
• An ability to effectively influence others to modify their opinions, plans, or behaviors
• An ability to communicate complex and technical issues to diverse audiences, orally and in writing, in an easily-understood, authoritative, and actionable manner
• A working knowledge of the following areas of technical expertise: information policy formulation, information security management, business risk management, IT risk assessment and management, IT continuity management, IT governance formulation, and organizational change management, IT financial management and IT audit

About our Line of Business

BrightSpring Health Services is the leading provider of complementary pharmacy, and comprehensive home and community-based health services for complex populations in need of specialized care.  Through the company’s eleven lines of business including home care, hospice, community living, behavioral health, family and youth, pharmacy, neuro rehabilitation, home health, applied behavior analysis and workforce development, the focus is on providing comprehensive care services, specialized care and clinical services to patients nationwide. For more information, visit www.brightspringhealth.com. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Louisville, Kentucky

BrightSpring is the parent company of a family of services and brands that provides clinical, nonclinical, pharmacy and ancillary care services for people of all ages, health and skill levels across home and community settings.

The company is the leading provider of diversified home and community-based health and pharmacy services to medically complex and high-need populations. Its primary businesses include: behavioral health (including autism services), home health care (including personal care, home health, and hospice), neuro therapy, and job placement and vocational training, supported by pharmacy and telecare ancillary technologies and services. These businesses employ over 50,000 dedicated team members in 50 states and provide services for over 350,000 people every day.

BrightSpring. Not just your best career. Your best life.

At BrightSpring, we need excellent people. To do excellent things. Have you wanted to make a difference in the lives of people – or entire communities? At BrightSpring you can.

This in fact could be the amazing opportunity you have been looking for. Have you wanted to find a place where there was no limit to the training you can receive throughout your career? BrightSpring® has it all. Why not find out what we can offer you?

BrightSpring lets you choose the health care field that fits you best.

·        HomeCare Services

·        Community Living Services

·        Family & Youth Services

·        Neuro Rehabilitation Services

·        Behavioral Health Services

·        Telecare & Remote Support

·        Pharmacy Services

·        Workforce Services


At BrightSpring, we’re putting out the call for everyone from caregivers to nurses to specialists to administrators to business leaders and IT innovators. If you want to be a part of an organization that is shaping the future of American health care, we invite you to take a look at what BrightSpring can offer you…


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