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AT&T Public Cloud Architecture Team is seeking strong candidates for Principal Enterprise Architect position to provide deep technical consultation and solution architecture expertise in support of AT&T applications migrating to Public Cloud Service Providers (such as Azure, AWS, etc.).

The Public Cloud Architecture Team provides technical guidance and reusable patterns for connectivity design, refactoring/redesigning application workloads to be cloud native, and properly leveraging Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) & Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions offered by cloud providers.

The individual will be responsible for delivering secure, robust, reusable, repeatable patterns to enable application teams to efficiently migrate their workloads to third party public cloud. The patterns must demonstrate how to implement cloud native solutions at the lowest possible annual recurring cost. The individual will also be responsible for creating and maintaining technology roadmaps, contributing to the creation of best practices and providing technical architecture support to application teams migrating to cloud native architectures.

Key Responsibilities:
• Develop and document architecture patterns and best practices to address data protection and security needs while taking advantage of cloud native technologies and PaaS capabilities
• Create and document reusable components necessary for efficient and scalable application migration to public cloud
• Produce documentation and training for architecture patterns and best practices in the form of podcasts, white papers, design artifacts, presentations and other formats
• Provide architecture oversight for key cloud initiatives across AT&T
• Provide technical consultation to application teams migrating to public cloud based on joint assessment of existing application technology and deployment model
• Create proof-of-concept solutions using native cloud provider technologies and demonstrate capabilities to application teams
• Drive cloud vendor and SaaS vendor roadmaps to meet AT&T network, data protection and security requirements
• Work closely with AT&T Chief Security Office team to ensure that patterns and best practices meet the high security standards within AT&T

Required Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, math, electronics engineering or other engineering or technical discipline
• 8-10 years of relevant work experience in software/systems architecture, solution architecture, DevOps engineer, system administrator or similar technical role
• Deep understanding of AWS or Azure cloud platforms with a minimum of two years of demonstrable applied experience
• Hands on experience with networking (i.e. VPC, DX, Private Link, Peering, etc.), IAM, IaaS, PaaS, Storage, Container technology, etc.
• Migration experience moving on premise applications to cloud environments (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP Cloud)
• Solid working knowledge of virtualization technologies and concepts
• Effective written and verbal communication skills and good listening skills
• Ability to work with both technical and business-oriented teams
• Experience with SAFe Agile, Agile Release Trains or strong aptitude to work in agile environment

Desired Qualifications:
• At least one advanced Architect or DevOps Engineering certification from either AWS or Azure
• Solid understanding of various serverless technologies and container-based platforms including AWS Lambda/Fargate, Azure Functions, Kubernetes and Docker
• Familiar with benefits of CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code as well as tooling such as Packer, Terraform, ARM Templates, Cloud Formation Templates, etc.
• Working knowledge of Cloud (IaaS, PaaS) Storage options and trade-offs including Amazon S3, EBS, EFS, VM local, Glacier, etc. and Azure ADLS file, table and blob store as well as VM local and block storage options
• Private network connectivity implementation experience including Azure Express Route and AWS Direct Connect
• Expertise and proficiency in security implementation best practices using cloud native offerings to include Azure Application (ASGs) and Network Security Groups (NSGs), Managed Azure Security, Azure Key Vault, Amazon EC2 Security Groups, AWS Shield, AWS IAM, AWS Key Management Service and Amazon Macie

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Austin, Texas

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