Antioch, California


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Production Operator

Georgia-Pacific is looking to hire safety–oriented and efficient Production Operators for our Gypsum facility in Antioch, CA. This is an entry level position starting at $24.60 per hour.

Our Operators work an eight (8) to twelve (12) hour rotating shift to include weekends, holidays and overtime as needed. 

What you will do in your role:

  • Ensuring that machines are set up properly and performing optimally 
  • Troubleshooting and making machine adjustments as needed 
  • Working as a team to help meet or exceed production, waste, quality and safety goals 
  • Driving forklifts to move finished wallboard to the warehouse 
  • Performing basic asset care duties and routine preventative maintenance on equipment 
  • Cleaning work area throughout assigned shifts to ensure an orderly and safe environment
  • Performing work in a loud/noisy, industrial high-volume environment
  • Maintain strict adherence to safety rules and regulations, to include wearing safety equipment
  • Lifting up to 50 pounds as needed

The Experience You Will Bring


  • Six (6) months or more of work experience in a manufacturing, warehouse, or industrial environment
  • Experience using a computer


What Will Put You Ahead

  • Two (2) years or more of manufacturing experience
  • Six (6) months or more of experience within an industrial, manufacturing, production, warehouse, construction, military or farming environment
  • One (1) year or more of experience operating a forklift
  • Experience identifying, analyzing and troubleshooting quality issues
  • Experience working with construction materials, e.g.: lumber, gypsum, plaster, brick, insulation, etc.
  • Experience in identifying, leading, developing and implementing process improvement initiatives


Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.
Equal Opportunity Employer.
Except where prohibited by state law, all offers of employment are conditioned upon successfully passing a drug test.

This employer uses E-Verify. Please visit the following website for additional information:

Antioch, California

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