Monterey Park, California

1) Identifies, isolates and repairs various types of trouble using a variety of tests. Coordinates trouble clearing with the appropriate personnel, work groups or outside companies.

2) Locates trouble by inspecting and testing troubles and analyzing test data. May be required to use sophisticated electronic test equipment to isolate trouble as well as the ability to distinguish between colors and see colors

3) Clears trouble by cleaning, adjusting or replacing equipment; repairs faulty wiring as needed.

4) Uses high precision measuring devices and meters that may weigh up to 60 lbs.

5) May perform corrective/maintenance and review computer printouts for problems to troubleshoot operational and date problems.

6) Monitors data associated transmission equipment copper facilities for network performance.

7) Keeps detailed record of nature of work and action taken.

8) Provision inter-office facilities.

9) Could be sent to work in offices other than regular assigned office which may require driving Company vehicle between locations.

10) Installs, rearranges, removes equipment.

11) Inputs and verifies routing translations and charging translations for switches (1A, DMS100/200, 5ESS, 4ESS, SS7) including E911.

12) Inputs and verifies complex customer translations for services such as Centrex, DID trunks, Super Trunks, Switch 56, PRI as indicated by service order.

13) Accesses available technical references such as Standard Practice schematic drawing and circuit descriptions and interprets circuit layout records, transmissions designs, equipment drawings, etc.

14) Coordinates plug-ins, including unpacking, tracking, shipping and storage.

15) May track T-Carrier/Hi-Cap Systems/Pair Gain troubles and associated reports for trends and results.

16) May install and maintain Hi-Cap service with short time frames. Inter Office Facilities, T-Carrier and Fiber Optic Systems.

17) Maintains Network Terminal Equipment (NTE) and performs the

maintenance and provisioning associated with NTE for message trunks and special services circuits.

18) May test, maintain or repair transmission equipment such as carrier (Channel Bank), Digital Access Cross-Connect System (DACS), Metallic Facility Terminal (MTF), terminal and signaling equipment, bridges, equalizers and


19) Processes Special Service Orders (SSO's), Trunk Facility Orders (TFO's) and WORD documents.

20) May work with analog and digital power equipment.

21) Works with several mechanized systems and switch types, each requiring different transactions and input formats.

22) Enters recent change information manually or through a mechanized system into the switch.

23) Interfaces with various support systems through a single systems access, windowing computer system (i.e., COSMOS, TIRKS, AMOS, SORD, APTOS, MARCH) as well as participates in coordination meetings to ensure customer request is met.

24) May handle a high volume of various activity and will be expected to meet due dates and commitment to customer.

25) Uses various computer systems for data entry collections, analysis and verification of assignments.

26) Clarifies and resolves any issues resulting from incomplete or inaccurate service requests or customer service affecting discrepancies. Determines what action to take to resolve the discrepancy by verifying various computer systems and the switch. May initiate or receive request from contacts.

27) Participates meeting group/department objectives.

28) Coordinate the input of certain service orders into the switch by responding to requests from various work groups.


Term employees are those engaged for a specific project or limited period with the definite understanding that their employment is to terminate upon completion of the project or at the end of the period. Employment is expected to continue for more than one (1) year, but no more than three (3) years

Monterey Park, California

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