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Oasis Systems has an exciting opportunity for a US Message Text Format Military Standards Development and AnalysisResearch Joint Doctrine, USAF Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP), Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), Initial Capabilities Document (ICDs), issue papers, plans, and other documents in order to extract what information needs to be exchanged between users in USMTF format. Recommend to the Government potential solutions and develop draft USMTF change proposals in accordance with the US Message Text Format Configuration Management Technical Procedures. Develop Interface Change Proposals (ICP) supporting Air Force Information Exchange Requirements (IER), to include formatting the IER and creating the ICP to update (MIL-STD 6040) and the message catalog.
Research and translate requirements from operational users for information exchanges, in order to develop Message Text Format change proposals or evaluations.
Review proposed MTF ICPs developed by other Services or Commands and provide technical evaluations to include interoperability, integration, and implementation issues.



JOB STATUS: Full-time

TRAVEL: As required, see below

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Education, Certifications, Experience, Skills)


EDUCATION:Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university


EXPERIENCE LEVEL: At least five (5) years operational experience working in an Air Operations Center (AOC) or similar Tactical Command and Control (C2) system (TAOC, CRC, AWACS, etc.).



Identify and develop solutions for the effective configuration management for MIL STD 6040, “DoD Interface Standard U.S. Message Text Format (USMTF) Description” and Allied Data Publication 3 (ADatP-3), “NATO Message Text Formatting System (FORMATS)” and appropriate message catalogs.
Attend the Joint USMTF Configuration Control Board (CCB), NATO Senior Air Information Exchange Requirements (IER) Panel, and other meetings or forums relating to Message Text Formats as directed by the Government.
Advise the USAF voting principal on technical aspects of proposed changes, policy or doctrinal implications, and intended positions by other services or allied nations.
Perform staff functions.
Collect and track Action Items assigned to the USAF.
Develop Change Proposals (CP) supporting NATO Air IERs, to include formatting the IER and creating the CP to update Allied Data Publication 3 (ADatP-3) and the NATO message catalog.

Review and evaluate proposed NATO MTF CPs developed by other Nations, NATO Commands or IER panels and provide technical assessments to include interoperability, integration, and implementation issues.
Develop and review of US Guidance Packages prepared by the USAF representative to NATO working groups.
Develop, evaluate, and harmonize NATO Air Operations IERs in support of combined operations.
Develop solutions and draft comments for action items from all MTF meetings assigned to the USAF, prior to the suspense date as directed by the Government.
Develop change proposals as required to express USMTF in XML format as provided in XML-MTF. Evaluate and recommend a position for technical proposals that implement XML schemas from other services and allied nations.
Evaluate the impacts of existing documentation on affected systems, operational procedures, or doctrine. Provide proposed solutions and recommendations for approval or disapproval and a recommendation for implementation of the ICP.
Research and gather information to develop Background Papers, staff studies, Talking Papers, or presentation materials as assigned by the Government.


• Bachelor’s degree in a technical field (such as engineering, computer science, etc.).
• At least five (5) years operational experience working in an Air Operations Center (AOC) or similar Tactical Command and Control (C2) system (TAOC, CRC, AWACS, etc.).
• At least five (5) years experience using or managing USMTF messages (e.g. OPTASK LINK, ATO, ACO, etc.).
• At least five (5) years experience using software systems that use character orientated message exchanges (such as USMTF).
• At least five (5) years recent experience (performed within the last 10 years) using and understanding MIL-STD 6040, DOD Interface Standard U.S. Message Text Format (USMTF) Description, Allied Data Publication 3 (ADatP-3), NATO Message Text Formatting System (FORMATS), and associated MTF message catalogs.
• At least five (5) years recent experience (performed within the last 10 years) using commercially available tools: Microsoft Office products (i.e. Excel, Power Point, Word, etc.)

US Secret and NATO Secret


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Hampton, Virginia

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