Indianapolis, Indiana

Basic Purpose:
Under the direction of the Branch Manager or Field Leader, the Collector’s primary responsibility is to provide coverage in the field ensuring that collections are completed accurately and on time. Maintain a safe and professional environment for clients, and employees, perform with confidence all aspects of the testing, including specimen collection and processing duties following established practices and procedures.
Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Ensures all specimens are collected accurately and on time.
a. Collects specimens according to established procedures using DOT guideline 49 CFR-Part 40.
b. Completes random and emergency observed urine collections of same sex clients as needed.
c. Collects specimens for drug screenings and other Quest Diagnostics services.
d. Responsible for completing Chain of Custody (COC) forms and Alcohol Testing Forms accurately.
e. Label specimens as required.
f. Upload, fax, mail COC and Alcohol Testing Form within 24 hours to appropriate location.
g. Package specimens for transport and ship to lab indicated on work orders.
h. Make certain the proper forms are used for various collections.
2. Responsible for the safe and timely transporting of specimens, supplies, equipment and materials to the appropriate destination.
a. Maintains records of each specimen collected. Support Record Deletion process when directed by Management.
b. Provides customer service to clients.
3. Follows DOT Guidelines for Breath Alcohol and Urine collections.
a. Maintains all appropriate collection logs, accuracy logs, calibrations, DOT and BAT certifications.
b. Correct collection errors within a 24 hour timeframe.
c. Submits accurate time and travel logs as directed by management and on time.
d. Submits accurate expense forms, if applicable, when required.
e. Properly clock in and out for work assignments.
f. Provides travel logs when applicable.
g. Must send monthly Accuracy Checks to designated site location.
4. Demonstrates organizational commitment.
a. Adheres to departmental and company code of grooming, dress code and lab coat policies; appearing neat and clean at all times. Be aware of smoke residue and heavy fragrances.
b. Wear company issued identification badge at all times during work assignments.
c. Reports on time to site within specified guidelines.
d. Communicates appropriately with customers, 24-7 all center, Branch Office, clients, employees and the general public.
e. Communicates all DER discrepancies immediately to the appropriate Manager/Supervisor, employer representative and/or call center.
f. Remains polite and courteous at all times.
5. Additional responsibilities of the Drug and Breath Alcohol Collector.
a. Ensures equipment is neat, clean and in good repair, takes appropriate action to advise Manager or Supervisor of required repairs and maintenance.
b. Keeps necessary supplies on hand and contacts the proper website when supplies need to be replenished.
c. Works effectively with staff employees to ensure compliance with dress code, EHS & QA requirements, customer service requirements and SOP’s, advising Manager or Supervisor of any issues or problems as they arise.
d. Answers phone when called to be dispatched by employer.
e. Return missed calls to dispatch even if not available for assignment. Dispatch is waiting for your return call. Advise call center when unavailable for collections.
f. Participates on teams and special events when asked.
g. Flexible travel (up to 100 mile radius) and flexible work hours. Maintain dates of availability and dates unavailable as appropriate.
h. All other duties as assigned, within scope of the position.
Supervision Exercised:


• High school diploma or equivalency preferred.
• Prefer Certified BAT/Urine Collector
• DOT Certification and any other necessary documentation pertaining to this position must be presented prior to a job offer.
Work Experience:
• Prefer urine or hair follicle collection and experience
Physical and Mental Requirements:
•Sitting, standing, driving, lifting no more than 10 pounds.
• Ability to concentrate on task at hand
Technical Training or Professional Licensing N/A

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
• Must be flexible and available based on staffing requirements; weekends and holidays. May be required to work occasional on-call duties weekends, evenings and early AM.
• Must have valid driver license and clean driving record with access to dependable and insured transportation.
• Demonstrates good organization, communication, and interpersonal skills; is able to manage concerns of patients and employees in a professional manner.
• Basic computer skills in Microsoft office with the ability to learn new software.
• Must be able to make decisions based on established procedures and exercise good judgment. Seek Supervisor guidance when appropriate.
• Ability to work in a rapidly changing environment.
• Access to cell phone with texting and emailing capabilities.
• Access to computer with scanning, printing and faxing capabilities.

Indianapolis, Indiana


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