Indian Springs, Nevada

Job Summary

Purpose and Scope:

Administers and assures compliance with security regulations and procedures to include badging requirements in accordance with DoD guidelines. Directs and advises customer regarding security regulations and procedures to include badging requirements. Routinely interacts with Government agencies relative to security and badging matters.

Essential Responsibilities:


Manage and maintain security database
Ensure adherence to regulations for generation, transfer, storage and handling of classified materials
Responsible for operation and maintenance of security equipment, alarms, and access control system
Plan and coordinate security services and related functions including the implementation and supervision of programs to ensure maximum utilization within the facility
Personnel Security Support:

Visitor control for incoming SCI cleared visitors to include foreign nationals (with FDO)
Visit requests and visit authorizations
Assist base Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO) in disclosure of SCI material to foreign nationals by being familiar with the process and regulations that govern the material
Assist incident reporting for all SCI related items
Assist with sending out and keeping records of annual SCI security awareness briefing and helping Special Security Representatives (SSRs) with squadron's security awareness program
Assist with training SSRs
Assist with handling Security Information File (SIF) and For Cause discharge files for SCI cleared individuals
Maintenance of SCI indoctrinated personnel security folders
Complete visit requests and authorizations for incoming SCI cleared visitors to include foreign nationals (with FDO)
Assist with security indoctrination and debriefing handled on an as needed basis
Prepare security badges for all SCI indoctrinations
Maintain Master Entry Access List for all Creech Sensitive Compartment Information Facilities (SCIFs)
Interface with other Nellis AFB Information Protection Office, Nellis Special Security Office, Nellis AFB Pass and Identification Office, and the Security Forces
Help submit annual access report to ACC
Dispose of SCI material in accordance with AF regulations and Wing SSO guidance

Information Systems Support:

Ensure systems are operational, maintained, and disposed of in accordance with internal security policies and practices as outlined in
Ensure that all users have the requisite security clearances, authorization, and need-to-know, and are aware of their security responsibilities before granting access to the Intelligence System (IS).
Ensure all IS security-related documentation is current and accessible to properly authorized
Ensure that system security requirements are addressed during all phases of the system life
Follow procedures developed by the ISSM, authorizing software, hardware, and firmware use before implementation on the system.
Provide technical and informational support with Automated Information System (AIS) media control including computer to computer transmissions, photographic Media, Video tapes and film, message traffic, files, folders and documents, and graphic arts material
Support Facsimile Control Procedures and classified reproduction procedures
Forward required paperwork to Nellis SSO/IAM to establish a Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS) account for SCI indoctrinated personnel

Physical Security Support:

Works directly with Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and ACC to ensure completion and accreditation of new SCI Facilities (SCIF)
Updates and maintains Fixed Facility Checklist (FFC) and Technical Electronic Measurement Penetration Standards (TEMPEST) addendum checklists for each SCIF
Ensures that all SCIF changes or modifications are allowed within DIA and ACC guidelines and approved by DIA Discretionary Access Control (DAC)-2A2
Drafts Co-utilization agreements if required for Special Access Program (SAP) access (only if facility is considered a SCIF not a SAPF)
Ensures monthly random inspection logs are turned in and semiannual alarm tests are completed by units
Attends planning conferences/meetings for future SCIF construction and ongoing SCIF construction
Ensures all aspects of physical construction of accredited SCIFs are keep current and points out any issues that need fixed (i.e., doors breaking, weather stripping allowing light into SCIF, )
Attend off-site conferences (at Government expense) when required to ensure the most up to date physical security requirements are being met
Trained to correctly classify SCI documents

Perform all other position related duties as assigned or requested.

Minimum Requirements

Associate Degree in Business Administration or related field or equivalent combination of academic/technical/military training preferably related to personnel security. Possess 3 years' experience in DoD security with three years SAP security related experience preferred. Requires familiarity with DOD personal security processes. Must be able to acquire access to and use JPAS. Experience with PC systems: software and basic hardware setups. Proven communication and organizational skills. Experience with Microsoft Office Applications. Must possess a DoD Secret clearance and be able to obtain and maintain a DoD TS/SCI security clearance and possess a current, State issued driver's license.

Preferred Qualifications

3 years SAP security related experience

Indian Springs, Nevada

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Key Services:

  • Equipment O&M/Asset Management
  • Facility O&M and Range Support
  • Global Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  • IT/Network Support
  • Satellite Communications
  • Unmanned Systems


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