Olympia, Washington

About Crown:

CROWN Cork & Seal USA, Inc., a wholly owned company of Crown Holdings, Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of packaging products for consumer goods. At Crown, we are passionate about helping our customers build their brands and connect with consumers around the world.  We do this by delivering innovative packaging that offers significant value for brand owners, retailers and consumers alike. With operations in 47 countries employing over 33,000 people and net sales of over $11 billion, we are uniquely positioned to bring best practices in quality and manufacturing to our customers to drive their businesses locally and globally.  Sustaining a leadership position requires us to build a team of highly talented, dedicated and driven individuals.


Division Overview:

Crown’s Beverage Division manufactures a variety of packaging solutions for soft drinks, craft beers, coffees and teas as well as new energy drinks. Crown Beverage leads the packaging industry with innovative technologies that redefine how the world looks at beverage cans.  With a large printable surface area and a wide range of sizes, shapes and decorating options, our aluminum cans are the perfect packaging format to create compelling brand presence where it counts.  



Here at the Olympia Plant, we currently manufacture 12 oz. beverage cans.  We are expanding to manufacture other size cans for some of the top consumer product companies.  We are adding to our world class team to operate this facility and looking for a Facility Tender.  It is your chance to join the Crown Beverage Division.



This position will:

  • Manage and oversee the control environments for the washers and can washing equipment, coolant filtration systems and waste water treatment systems for this facility. 
  • Analyze, evaluate, and interpret trends from washer checks and samples to keep washer parameters within recommended specifications.
  • Perform basic laboratory testing such as titrations, pH and conductivity measurements, as well as working with various types of pumps, mixers, chemical feeds, pH controllers and tank level reading equipment.
  • Repair and replacement duties associated with the waste water equipment and systems. Documentation of problems and maintenance of equipment and facility systems are also required.
  • Provide training for equipment operation and related safety precautions.

Olympia, Washington

Crown has a long history of leading the industry with innovative packaging technology. From the time our founder William Painter invented the bottle cap to the ground-breaking SuperEnd™ beverage ends to today's cutting edge shaping technology, Crown has led the way.

We owe our success to a legacy of leadership and invention that began in 1892 when our founder, William Painter, invented a better way to package soft drinks and beer. Painter's vision revolutionized the bottling industry. His ingenuity, and the leadership of those who came after him, helped to build Crown Holdings, Inc. into the world-class company it is today.

Today, Crown Holdings, Inc. manufactures packaging products from 139 plants located in 41 countries. In over 125 years of growth and diversification, we have never lost sight of our core business: continuously improving the quality of our packaging products, while keeping costs as low as possible.

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