Glendale, Arizona


We are looking for a person wanting the responsibility of managing shifts at a Papa Johns Pizza. Starting pay is earned on an hourly basis. The minimum starting pay is $13.25/hr but would be higher depending on experience. We are a family owned and operated franchise in business since 2007. To begin, the candidate must be friendly, reliable, and detail oriented as well as eager to work and can thrive in a team oriented environment. They must be able to be excellent problem solvers and work well under the pressure of a high paced and customer/product focused environment. Chain pizza experience would be preferable. 401K and 24 hour access to a doctor through Telemed available after a 90 day period at no cost and Paid Sick Time after 90 days and 75% off meals with some restriction before and after your shift. 50% off meals for friends and family. Uniform shirt and hat provided. Other benefits are available following some tenure in the position. We are looking for someone with open availability and a desire to learn the business.

Glendale, Arizona

Success is much like making a better pizza - the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Starting with better ingredients is essential but the most important ingredient is our people. When people really care about serving others, anything is possible.

Our company was founded on quality, from quality ingredients to quality people, and the idea of building a better pizza and delivering a better pizza experience.

Our goal has always been to be the most loved pizza company in the world by consistently winning customers over one pizza at a time. It’s about paying attention to quality and the thousand little things that make a better pizza and a better pizza experience. It’s about never losing focus on why we do it. It’s also about our people and taking care of the tens-of-thousands of team members who have made Papa John’s the recognized leader in quality around the world.

Our customers are counting on us. For them it is not only a better pizza, it’s a family gathering, memorable birthday, work celebration or simply a great meal.

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