Technical Specialist - Electronics Engineering - NPD Hardware新产品开发硬件设计技术专家 - Military Veterans

at Cummins Inc


**Technical Specialist - Electronics Engineering - NPD Hardware新产品开发硬件设计技术专家**


+ Responsible to lead Investigate electronic hardware problems, understands causal mechanisms, recommends appropriate action, owns problem resolution and documents results.负责领导调查电子硬件问题,了解原因机制,建议适当的行动,承担有问题解决方案的责任并记录结果。

+ Applies and improves electronic hardware development processes and tools. Processes include basic problem-solving techniques (5 phase, 7 step, 8D or similar), design for EMC robustness, design for manufacturing, familiarity with embedded electronic hardware development process, requirements analysis. Tools include worst case analysis, circuit simulation (Saber, Cadence PSpice, or equivalent), DFMEA/PFMEA, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), schematic capture, PCB layout (Mentor Graphics, Zuken, or equivalent), Specification Compliance Matrix (or equivalent).应用并改进电子硬件开发流程和工具,流程包括基本问题解决技术(5阶段,7步法,8D或者类似技术),EMC鲁棒性设计,为制造设计,熟悉嵌入式电子硬件开发流程。工具包括需求分析,WCA分析,电路模拟仿真(Saber,Cadence PSpice,或其他类似的),熟悉DFMEA/PFEMA,故障分析,原理图和PCB布局(Mentor Graphics, Zuken,或其他类似工具),符合性矩阵.

+ Obtains input and negotiates with electronic suppliers and software development teams and delivers prototype hardware to application engineering teams.获得设计输入,并与电子供应商和软件开发团队沟通协调,并交付样件给应用工程团队。

+ Makes decisions in the areas of hardware requirements, design, validation and test that impact unit cost, functionality, and prototype delivery.在硬件取消,设计,验证和测试领域评估对单位成本,功能和样件交付的影响做出正确的决策。

+ Responsible for review of less-experienced developers/testers’ work to ensure robust, reusable, and efficient design负责评审缺乏经验的开发/测试人员的工作,以确保鲁棒、可复用而且高效的设计。

+ Provides independent leadership of smaller business impact projects or ownership of complex components, products, systems or services with greater elements of ambiguity over the senior or lead engineer level and with full accountability to the project team.独立的领导较小业务影响的项目,或承担负责更大项目下的零部件,产品,系统或服务的设计责任。

+ Delivers independent execution of established and emerging work processes and systems, while still developing technology or product knowledge.在开发技术或产品知识的同时,独立执行已建立的或新兴的工作流程和系统。

+ Leads the development and improvement of work processes and systems across a functional discipline area within a business unit site.在业务单位的职能领域领导工作流程和系统的发展和改进

+ Coordinates and directs work amongst technicians and temporary student employees, assists in the transfer of knowledge to lesser experienced engineers through either indirect (scope of influence) or direct management of a small, local group of engineers.协调和知道技师和实习生之间的工作,通过间接或直接管理本地的小型工程师团队,协助将知识传授给经验较少的工程师。

+ Provides support and guidance to influence technical direction within a project team and continues to develop proficiency in the competency areas critical to success in the role.提供硬件领域支持和指导以影响项目团队的技术方向,并继续发展能力领域的能力

+ Operates as a recognized specialist in a discipline or product area within the immediate team.作为本地团队中ECM硬件开发领域的公认专家

+ Assists with the transfer of knowledge; coaches and mentors less experienced engineers.协助知识的传承;培训及辅导经验较少的工程师。


+ Bachelor’s degree or above, relating to automotive engineering, automation, electronics information or measurement and control technology。车辆工程,自动控制,电子信息或测控技术相关本科及以上学历。

+ 5 years’experience relating to engine controls or embedded industry controller/ vehicle ECUs hardware 5年以上发动机控制或嵌入式工业控制器/车载电控单元硬件工作经验。

+ Analog Circuit knowledge - A person with this skill designs/ analyzes actuator driver, power supply, signal conditioning (digital), analog and frequency type sensors, and system power bus/ grounding. Has knowledge and experience with analog tools and process.模拟电路知识-有能力设计或分析:执行器驱动,电源,信号调理,各种传感器信号采集,系统电源和接地。会使用基本模拟电路测试工具

+ Digital Circuit knowledge - ability to perform timing analysis, knowledge and experience with the tools and processes of this field and could resolve circuit functional and performance issues with analysis, simulation, and testing.数字电路知识–能够对时序进行分析,会使用相关工具进行仿真,测试,分析解决数字电路问题,并对信号质量进行分析。

+ Strong background in hardware & software for embedded real-time systems.较强的嵌入式实时系统的硬件和软件相关工作背景。

+ Be proficient both in writing and oral English.英文听说读写熟练.

+ Ability to work w/ Customer and team members in a global environment.能与客户及国际背景的团队成员协调工作.

+ 熟练使用PPT, word, Excel,有较强的汇报能力。

+ Drives results - Consistently achieving results, even under tough circumstances.结果驱动能力-即使在困难的情况下也会保持行动确保结果的达成。

+ Communicates effectively - Developing and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences.高效沟通—创建和提供多种交流,以满足不同受众独特的需求。

+ Builds networks - Effectively building formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside the organization.建立联系人网络–有效地构建组织内外的正式和非正式的联系网。

+ Solid communication, problem solving and project management skills.良好的沟通解决问题和项目管理技能。

+ Have EMI/EMC and Environmental testing experience is preferred.有汽车电子产品的EMC/EMI和环境测试标准相关工作经验的人员优先考虑


**Primary Location** China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, Cummins Fuel Systems

**Job Type** Experienced - Exempt / Office

**Recruitment Job Type** Exempt - Experienced

**Job Posting** Jun 1, 2021, 8:58:58 PM

**Unposting Date** Ongoing

**Req ID:** 20000389


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