Who We Are 

Overhaul is a supply chain integrity solutions company that allows shippers to connect disparate sources of data into the first fully transparent situational analysis engine designed for the logistics industry. Data that is transformed into critical insights can instantly trigger corrective actions, impacting everything from temperature control to handling requirements or package-level tracking, ensuring cargo arrives at its destination safely, undamaged, and on time. We are a dynamic, innovative, and fun team who is highly committed to our customers’ experiences and our Mission and Vision.


The Role

This Intermediate Ruby Engineer position is a key member of our Development Team. The Development Team is responsible for the scalability and quality of our product platform to meet the needs of the business. We host enterprise clients’ data on one hand and high-volume streaming IoT data on the other. We employ auto-scaling cloud technologies to handle spikey-loads and high throughput. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining the server-side logic for the central database, testing performance, troubleshooting, and integrating front-end elements into the application.

This role is hands-on: you will be writing and maintaining beautiful, working, timely, idiomatic code that gets the job done. You will participate in code reviews and help increase our code quality companywide. Your thought leadership will upskill the team, easily earning the respect of your peers. You will help each of us become better programmers, thinkers, and doers.

Your mastery of modern web technologies, languages, and frameworks makes you immediately valuable; whereas your deep understanding of the principles of computer science and software engineering make you immensely adaptable.

This role reports to the Technical Lead.



  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in computer science/software engineering or a related field
  • 3+ years’ experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Must be able to identify and solve problems independently
  • Must be able to weight business needs against technical purity
  • Familiar with modern web frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Python Flask/Django, Javascript/Typescript, NodeJS, GraphQL, Java Spring Boot
  • Knowledge of React or equivalent framework would be an advantage
  • Experience with polyglot persistence (SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL) and query optimization skills
  • Experience with object orientated design
  • Experience with distributed systems and their inherent complexities
  • Understanding of Agile Software Development principles
  • Fluency of communicating with colleagues around the world
  • Strong leadership skills, including communicating vision, coaching, and mentoring


What we commit to you

  • Competitive starting base salary 
  • Progressive advancement opportunity and career mobility
  • Top employee health and well- being benefits
  • Casual dress
  • Flexible working


Our Culture

We are guided by our core values of Diversity and Synergy, Creativity, Problem Solving, Authenticity and Receptivity, Trust, Encouragement, Teaching and Learning, Wellness and Integrity. These values help us recruit aligned talent to join our rapidly expanding team around the globe. It is important to us that each and every Overhauler is not only eager to challenge themselves and knows how to get work done, but is also an awesome addition to our company culture.


At Overhaul, we’re committed to protecting your product’s integrity through provision of end-to-end visibility and risk management software solutions that can be adopted by your security operations to improve communication, completely automate the monitoring process and ensure compliance requirements are met, all at a low cost.

Whether you’re shipping or providing transportation services, our patented process and products, services and support are game-changing. From the breadth of tracking, security and compliance measures to the ease of our automated solution, you’ll find the Overhaul platform is anything but typical. Because we’re built on trust. Which means we’re committed to improving our customer’s global supply chain security operations through our technology and simplifying day-to-day operations from all sides.

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