The successful candidate will serve as an ARFF Firefighter/ Driver Operator for a full service fire department located at an ICAO Category 8 Airfield (equivalent of NFPA Category 8, FAA ARFF Index D, USAF ARFF SET 4). The successful candidate will operate within a multicultural and multilingual environment located in the Kingdom of Spain. The successful candidate will work a 56 hour work week alternatively known as a 3/4 schedule and the candidate is expected to work between nine and eleven regularly scheduled 24 hour shifts each month. The successful candidate may be required to work unscheduled overtime and may be on duty for several consecutive days. Each 24 hour fire department duty shift will consist of an allotted time for work routine, and an allotted time for rest routine. The candidate will have access to appropriate rest facilities, dining facilities, and hygiene and laundry facilities during the course of a 24 hour shift (or shifts).


This position description is subject to change at any time as needed to meet the requirements of the program or company. 



1. Performs daily vehicle and equipment operational checks.

2. Completes required training for assigned tier level under the Fire Department Training Program.

3. Responds to emergencies as a member of a crew of firefighting personnel.

4. Responds to aircraft in-flight and ground emergencies to include aircraft crashes and aircraft fires.

5. Responds to emergencies inside of buildings to include fires, smoke investigations and alarm activations.

6. Serves as a member of a technical rescue team and responds to technical rescue emergencies.

7. Responds to medical emergencies and provides basic life support as an emergency medical responder.

8. Drives and operates fire department vehicles (Pumpers, Tanker, ARFF Vehicles, and Rescue Vehicle).

9. Responds to hazardous materials emergencies and takes action at the Hazmat Operations response level.

10. May be required to fill in as a dispatcher in the emergency communications center as needed.

11. May be assigned an additional implied duty or fire department special programs.

12. Complies with all applicable occupational health and safety standards and regulations.

13. Maintain airfield driving licensing and certification requirements.

14. Work as a crew member to maintain and operate aircraft arresting systems.

15. Performs other duties as assigned.





1. Firefighting Vehicles (Pumpers, Tender, ARFF Vehicles, and Rescue Vehicle)

2. Hand Tools and gas-powered and electrical power tools and equipment.

3. Portable and mobile radio communication systems.

4. An assortment of fire department ladders.

5. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and associated breathing equipment.

6. Firefighter Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) Helmet, Hood, Coat, Pants, Boots, Gloves

7. An assortment of technical rescue equipment.

8. Fire hoses, nozzles, and other fire hose appliances.

9. Classroom training equipment (television, computer and software)

10. An assortment of hazardous materials response equipment.

11. Performs other duties as assigned.





1. The candidate will be required to participate in the DoD Firefighter Fitness and Wellness Program.

2. The candidate will be required to wear firefighter PPE (helmet, hood, coat, pants, boots, gloves, SCBA)

3. The candidate will be exposed to very high and low environmental temperatures based on seasons.

4. When responding to firefighting emergencies the candidate may be exposed to very hot environments.

5. The candidate shall be able to climb, stand, sit, kneel, squat, crawl and walk without difficulty.

6. The candidate must be able to carry heavy loads while in the course of regular firefighting activities.

7. The candidate will be required to complete an NFPA 1582 compliant medical evaluation annually.





Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent 

Driver License: A valid U.S. driver license is required for the duration of employment.




The candidate must possess the below listed certifications accredited by; the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) or the Pro Board Fire Service Professional Qualifications System (PRO BOARD).








The candidate must possess a valid EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONDER certification that meets the U.S. Department of Transportation National EMS Education Standards (Curriculum) for Emergency Medical Responder and this certification must have been awarded by any of the below listed organizations.


1) State EMS Certification Agency

2) National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians

3) Department of Defense Firefighter Certification System

4) American Red Cross


A valid Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification from either a State EMS Certification Agency or the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians will be accepted in lieu of an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) certification. Although an EMT certification will be accepted in lieu of an EMR certification the successful candidate will only operate at the EMR level. At the time of EMT certification expiration it will be the responsibility of the successful candidate to obtain EMT recertification or downgrade to an EMR certification (both can be obtained locally).

The candidate must possess a valid BASIC LIFE SUPPORT FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS certification obtained from either the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.


The candidate shall be in possession of the following certificates from either the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute or Department of Defense equivalent:

1) ICS 100 - Introduction to the Incident Command System

2) ICS 200 - ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

3) ICS 700 - National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction

4) ICS 800 - National Response Framework, An Introduction




1) IFSAC or PROBOARD Technical Rescue Certifications

2) IFSAC or PROBOARD Telecommunicator I and II Certification

3) State or NREMT Emergency Medical Technician Certification

4) Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) Certified Air Mask Repair Education (C.A.R.E.) Certification

5) American Heart Association or American Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor




1) 3 years of experience working as a full time firefighter and/or driver operator within either a military or civilian fire department.

2) 2 of the 3 years must include aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) experience




The successful candidate shall be able to conduct all radio transmissions in the English Language.

Knowledge of the Spanish language or experience within a Spanish speaking environment are desirable.


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