Responds to emergency care and rescue involving potential loss of life or bodily injury; maintains control, manages and directs or assists with patient care at the scene of a pre-hospital emergency.  Applies cardiopulmonary resuscitation per American Heart Association standards and performs other basic emergency medical procedures.  Drives and manages the ambulance vehicle while on duty, operates ambulance in a safe manner while responding to the scene, and during the transport of patients. 
1.   Determines the nature and extent of illness or injury and establishes priority for required emergency care.
2.   Based on assessment findings, renders emergency medical care to adult, infant, and child medical and trauma patients.
3.   Duties include but are not limited to:
              Opening and maintaining an airway, including patient ventilation
              Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including use of automated external defibrillators.
4.   Provide prehospital emergency medical care of simple and multiple system trauma such as controlling hemorrhage,  
      treatment of shock (hypoperfusion), bandaging wounds, and immobilization of painful, swollen, and deformed extremities.
5.   Determines within reasonable parameters illness complaint and triages to proper transport category
6.   Searches for medical identification emblem as a clue in providing emergency care.
7.   Responsible for administration of EMT level drugs such as: oxygen, oral glucose, aspirin, patient assisted medications, and activated charcoal.
8.   Understands and can implement a standardized triage program such as START Triage
9.   Transport urgent patients to hospital in safest manner possible.
10.  While on duty shall perform a vehicle check, ensure ambulance is fueled and serviced, performs minor maintenance and
       repairs as indicated, and immediately report damages/malfunctions.
Basic ambulance medical equipment
Work is generally conducted in an in area with a mild exposure to extreme climatic conditions. Working in a military environment brings the potential for exposure to physical, chemical or biological agents. Employee use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required in certain areas, but not on a daily basis. Such PPE includes but is not limited to head, foot, hand, torso, vision and hearing protective devices. Must comply with OSHA, EPA, and Fire Regulations and published company work rules.
Physical requirements include lifting, climbing, extended sitting or standing, or other physical efforts that are normally required in emergency medical services. In addition, visual acuity, hearing and speaking requirements would be considered.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:   One year related experience may be substituted for one year of education, if degree is required.
High School Diploma or Equivalent
Certified by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians as an EMT and American Heart Association cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification or equivalent at the health care provider level.
Must be fluent in English both written and spoken (preferably at a minimum of an 8th grade level).
                Be able to process information quickly and efficiently to determine nature of complaint.
                                                Be able to gather pertinent information from patient, bystanders, and scene to make rapid transport decision.
                Interpret vital signs to accurately determine patients physiological status.
                                                Must be licensed to drive an ambulance or similar vehicle, and have a good driving record.  Ambulance operators role is critical, so they must be dependable, resilient, calm under pressure, use sound judgment and capable of making quick decisions.
Airway and Breathing
            Oxygen delivery devices to include the following
             Oxygen 100 % and  non-rebreather masks
             Nasal Cannulas
              Venturi mask
              Oral, nasal, and combi-tube/King airways
                Pulse oximetry
                Manual and auto vital sign diagnostics to include
                 Automatic cuff
                 Manual Cuff
                Pulse Oximetry
                Manual palpation method for blood pressure and pulse
                Chest auscultation to determine lung sounds.
                Patient medical and trauma assessment per International Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support and Adult Medical Life
                Support standards
               Mechanical CPR
               Unassisted normal delivery
               Assisted complicated delivery
               Perform rapid assessment for medical or trauma patients to a standard of recognizing critical patients in 60 secs or less
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