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Job Fair at Fort Bliss

Centennial Banquet & Conference Center
Fort Bliss, TX 79916

September 28, 2023

5:00 PM - 9:00 PM GMT
Job Fair at Fort Bliss
September 28, 2023

Job Fair in Fort Bliss

RecruitMilitary has held 10 events in Fort Bliss, drawing 2,033 attendees and 284 exhibitors.

Upcoming Job Fair Information

Job Seeker Venue Information

Facility Access Information

Candidates who do not have a current military ID will be required to stop at the Chafee Visitor Control Center (VCC) or Global Reach VCC (less busy) to request a pass to attend the Job Fair at the Centennial Banquet & Conference Center. For those who live in the area or will be arriving prior to the date of the event, passes can be obtained up to a week in advance of the event.
Anyone arriving in a commercial vehicle MUST request a pass from the Chafee VCC. A map from the Chafee Gate to the event center follows: Click HERE to view the map.

** Candidates must inform the guards at Sgt. Major Pena Gate (formerly known as Biggs Gate) they will be attending the Job Fair at the Centennial Banquet & Conference Center.

Centennial Banquet & Conference Center
11199 Sergeant E Churchill Street
Fort Bliss, TX 79916
Centennial Banquet & Conference Center Information

The Job Fair will take place in a section of the Ballroom.

Parking Information

FREE parking is available just outside of the venue.

Event Preparation Resources

Craft Your 30-Second Elevator Pitch

Before the Event Checklist

Event Success Tips

  • Be Prepared: Charge your phone and practice your elevator pitch.
  • Keep an Open Mind: You never know which company has the perfect job for you.
  • Work the Room: Stop by every booth and share your QR code with every organization.
  • Rule of 3: Get at least three company follow-ups.
  • Apply as You Network: Apply to open positions while you network with recruiters.
  • Smile: Be confident. You've got this!

Common Questions

What is a RecruitMilitary Job Fair?

Who are the exhibitors?

What should I expect at the event?

Should I bring copies of my resume to the event?

Career Fair Testimonials

Thank you. I appreciate that Ft. Bliss sponsors these events to help military and their families gain civilian employment opportunities.
Fort Bliss -- Army National Guard E-6
Very good candidates for any job that an employer is looking to fill. We enjoy coming to El Paso. We get several good candidates.
Fort Bliss -- Government recruiter
All the exhibitors were active and searching for prospects.
Fort Bliss -- Army O-3